I’ve got some pictures

I have some pictures that have stacked up while I was fighting with the silly laptop falling apart. Let’s review the fun (and not so fun) we’ve had the past week or so.


This is Jen, trying out a new recipe I found. I didn’t tell her what I was making; rather, I was telling her what to do – step by step. It was a fun game as she tried to figure out what she was making!


A little sausage, a little cheese, some other stuff… roll it into little one-inch balls and toss it into the oven.


When it was cooking, we were all getting so very hungry. The smell was intoxicating!


Moving along the picture path, we find one of the poor departed hard drive that contains ten years worth of documents, school papers, websites I’ve built, programs I’ve created and other data that was so very essential to store. I still feel stupid for moving the stuff off the external, not copying it. I know better.


My poor baby being reinstalled.


On a happier note, Jen finished off the puzzle. She did all the mountains and blue sky. She has since glued it and it is hiding under my couch until she finds a frame for it.


When we got home from the emergency room yesterday, Caiden helped Jen move the mattresses of both boys into the living room. I decided to declare the rest of the day a “movie day” and they were going to have something nice to lay on.


Both beds all set up! Caiden was given a choice of which quilt he would like to have on his bed (since I’ve still not finished his Christmas present quilt or his brother’s). He picked the “Winterfest” that just came home a little while ago and left his precious Batman pillowcase on his pillow. Brendan, of course, has Spiderman. Although, I think I’d make him one happy little boy if I found a Green Lantern, Thor or Robin bed set.

My folder says there are no more pictures to show off. Unfortunately, the pictures from my weekend away from the boys are gone. When I get the funds, I’ll be able to send off the failed hard drive and retrieve them. At least, that’s the hope.

For now, the boys are playing on their computer. I think the restricted one-hour a day time limit will be stretched pretty tight; Caiden just found out he could play Minecraft on the computer…

I’ll leave you with another gorgeous picture of the snow we got a week ago. It is so pretty!


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