Treading Water

My laptop is back up and running again. I spent the last few days reinstalling the programs detrimental to my life as a consultant and playing with some new ones. I found a way to do the gallery on one of my client’s websites and played with that yesterday. Eventually, I’ll be able to get that 10 years worth of data off the broken drive but not today. Can’t afford it and scared to send it off and hear them say it is toast.

Anyway, a lot has gone on while I have been without a viable means of playing on the internet. First off, I know I missed the “Cooking School” post on Saturday. I’ll do two this week to catch up. I may add a third, if I have time. My son got sick at school yesterday and remembered seeing in that same book a section on feeding the sick. I was browsing through it last night and found some really good information I’d love to sit down and pass on. Look for that this coming weekend!

Want to see how a man vacuums? Here’s some pictures from that…


He started vacuuming and it didn’t work quite right so he started taking it apart to find out why. An hour or so later, we had a vacuum again. He cleaned out all the pine needles that were stuck in it and then replaced some filters and the belt. Should work good again. I’m sure Jen will tell me as soon as she tries to vacuum something.

He did take a few pieces outside to bang the excess dust off and out of. This is what he left behind…


Can’t really complain, though. Jen has been griping about the vacuum for too long and, if he did get it all nice and fixed up, it is worth a little mess. Right?

Oh, and after I took the picture (he didn’t know I did), he went back and swept up his mess. So nice. 🙂

Let’s see. Other pictures that have been sitting around…


Ahh… Yes. Daddy spent some time working on the model car Caiden got for Christmas. It proved to be boring for the boys, as they couldn’t do much except watch and they wandered off. A little while later, Daddy put it away for working on later. He might even put it together and just present it to the boys. We’ll see.

In the middle of this post, my new HDD locked up. I attempted a restart to no avail. After spending several hours attempting all my tricks to fix a laptop, I gave it to a friend who has his own shop. He’s looking at it to see if anything else could be going on. I lack the energy to take it apart and look at it myself – even though I could if I weren’t feeling lazy.

So, after spending a few days getting the new hard drive set up and running, I am down again.

Hopefully, I’ll have it up and going before the weekend! I have a few Cooking School posts to get up on the blog. I’m finishing this post on my phone. On a good note, my clients have been very patient as I travel this road.

Thank you for your patience!


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