Thelma & Louise

Jen and I set out on a road trip, today. Our goal was to tour a bit of Montana. We made some of my Herb Bread and canned some garlic butter. Combined with the other canned goods we have, we have brought them with us as “bartering tools.” We’ll give them to her family members as payment for letting us stay at their house free and we’ll give them to shop keepers and others we bump into as a “hello from Idaho Falls.”


So far, we’ve made it a little over 2 hours from home. We are in Dillon, Montana with no plans on where to go tomorrow. We’ll be staying at Jen’s grandmother’s house tonight and getting some good sleep before we head out again. Some of our scenery, thus far, is below…


This was the weather on the Idaho side of the border. We had some rain that was trying to be snow and the mountains all looked like this.


This picture was along the edge of the Idaho/Montana border.


And then we have Montana. High and Dry and clear as a brand new day. And, it stayed that way all the way into Dillon.

Along the way, we stopped at a few stores we saw in small towns. We gave away some bread, bought a book or two to bring home to my “old book” collection.


This store was in Lima, Montana. We haven’t been able to decide if it is pronounced LI-ma or LE-ma. We had a lot of fun trying to figure it out. This store wasn’t open but we did find a nice antique store in the same town. We gave him bread, he sold us some ancient books. I’m happy.


This is the Clark County Dam/Resevoir. The sunshine made it hard to get a decent picture but, o’well. The interesting part isn’t this dam that we had to drive a mile or two of switch-backs to get to. No. the best part is what was on the other side of the dam…


You’re probably wondering, “What the …?” Basically, it’s ice-fishing with little houses. Jen was confused until I explained the process of putting up a house and cutting a hole in the ice inside of the house. She’d never seen it before.


These guys are dedicated. Their Jeep has a snow plow on the front! I think he missed the sign that said, “NO driving on the ice!”


Truck topper, anyone?


Nah. This truck topper is better.


More beautiful scenery in “Big Sky Country” Montana. In this one, it actually looks like the clouds are rolling right over top the mountains.


Right now, we’re eating the cheapest dinner we can get at a restaurant called, “The Lion’s Den.” It’s not like we have a lot of money for this trip – that’s why we’re bribing Jen’s relatives for a bed with our baked and canned goods!


The Lion’s Den is similar to Applebee’s but has a section with casino machines. The waitress, Samantha, is friendly and we’re enjoying ourselves. We’re sitting next to a propane fire and eating a delicious bowl of Clam Chowder. It must be a house recipe because it came to us yellow and with some extra kick in the spices department.

The Blackened Chicken Salad is really good and I ended up shoveling down every bite of it. For $10, it was a definite crowd pleaser! If we come this way to go home when we’re done our travels around Montana, I’ll be stopping by for more salad! Except for the prices, I could equate this place with Shari’s at home – good food, good atmosphere, WiFi and a warm fire. Ok, Shari’s doesn’t have a fire. Does that really matter, though? In my book, it does but Shari’s can’t have everything … right?

And, while I was typing this, Jen just sucked an onion up her nose. I think she needs to learn how to eat slower… or not miss her mouth. I’m going to let her explain that one …

So far, our fun drive has been fun and I look forward to what tomorrow brings. I’m stuffed full of yummy food and ready to crash at Jen’s Grandma’s house for tonight. Yeah, I know. It’s only 6:30 p.m. but I’m tired now!

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6 thoughts on “Thelma & Louise

  1. Sounds like a brilliant adventure. Is it just you and jen? if so I bet thats just the girly trip/break from the boys and routine you need. Cheering you on from UK 🙂

    • Yes, just the two of us. Kind of a break from the harsh few months we’ve had.

      So far, very fun. Right now, in lieu of a shower, I am getting my hair fixed so I don’t feel icky all day. 🙂

      Had a great visit with her grandparents. Now off to see the sights.

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