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I’m loving my new Nikon camera. It’s not as precious as something that costs a grand or so but it does the job and very well! On Sunday, Meg came over to my house, brought her girls to play with my boys and we head out to get some pictures of the Tetons. It was negative temperatures and not such a bright idea to take boys out in that cold of weather, so it worked out great!

Here are some of the many pictures I took of the trip up to see the Tetons and of the Tetons. Completely un-edited.





There was a lot of cloud cover on the Tetons. You can see the tallest peak trying to reach the sun here. A common theme – clouds covering them up. A bad day to get a picture but still nothing short of beautiful.


This is the closest we could get to get a picture from the west side of the Tetons. If you remember my last post, you’ll know that these beauties are part of “my favorite picture” and the puzzle we are working on. The east side of the Tetons is where that barn is and I have quite a few pictures of it. I wanted to go and get pictures of it with snow covering it but the roads would not have permitted us to get over there yesterday. I had to settle for staying on this side of the mountain.


“That’s a tall Christmas Tree,” says Jen from the back seat as Mark (who was driving us in his truck) tried to get himself unstuck from the 2 foot of snow in this parking lot we found to take pictures of the Tetons from. And, of course, he says, “I wasn’t stuck.” No. You weren’t. It just took you 5 minutes to turn around because it was fun. Right?


On the way up, a bird killed itself on Mark’s antenna.


Driving up the road that goes to the Grand Targhee – a huge skiing resort.


Scenery shot.


Another view of the Tetons as we are driving away. Since the clouds weren’t moving out of the way – barely an inch in an hour – we decided to call it a day and head home. Took about 2 hours to get to the highest point and it would be 2 hours home. Meg and the children would start coming unglued shortly…


And, of course, when we got down out of the mountains and were almost across the valley, all three decided to show their peaks. I was glad we did manage to get at least one good picture of all three. By the way, the locals have named them. They are: Grand, Middle and South. You can read more information about them HERE. It’s actually a beautiful trip, if you’re in the area and wanting to look around. Jackson Hole is pretty expensive but worth the trip in the summer. They have a live action play in the middle of the streets every day at 6 p.m. in the spring and summer months.

Of course, if your child is like mine (Caiden) and does not do well around loud noises, avoid it or plan to leave before the play starts. They fire real guns (with fake bullets) and it gets pretty loud. The last time we had Caiden there for that part (2011), he got up and walked away. Didn’t say a word. Just got up and started walking. I had to run to catch up with him. We might try again this summer to see if he is growing out of it. It is definitely worth watching!

So, that’s it for our Sunday drive for more pictures of my area. I am enjoying it a lot but had to try and promise Meg that it wouldn’t be an “every Sunday” thing – her taking the boys so I can get pictures and not freeze them to death. I still need to get to the other side for pictures of my barn (yes, MY barn) before all the snow melts. I’ll let you know if I can make it happen!

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5 thoughts on “More Pictures

  1. Cool captures!

  2. We bought cheap kids ear defenders off eBay so we could take Jake to see fireworks they worked a treat, his hearing is so sensitive we could still hold a conversation while he had them on lol, lovely pictures 🙂

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