Been Gone A Bit

Of course, I’ve had a good reason! I have been hired for a huge project and I have tried to get that going. It has taken some time and I’m still not done. I have a moment to just sit, so that’s what I’m doing. I have a bunch of pictures to show what I’ve been doing while working on the project.


When last I left y’all, I was going to try some English Crumpets. I went and found the rings that are used and gave it a shot.


This is what I got. I’m not sure I like it but my boys loved them and wanted more and more and more. I had to limit them as the recipe is heavy on the carbs. Of course. It’s a bread product.


My boys found where I hide the balloons and have had a great time terrorizing us with them. They will blow them up and then let them squeak their way to empty of air. I finally had Jen hide the rest of the balloons in their bag so they would run out quickly.


I found this at one of the thrift stores I like to frequent. My son has expressed such an interest in sewing that I figured this would be a good purchase for him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as good as a real sewing machine. It was frustrating, to say the least! Of course, he loved it and wants me to refill the thread spool so he can sew some more.


Yeah. They like it. Unfortunately.

The jacket he is wearing (which I forgot to get pictures of) is a child’s version of an Army pilot’s jacket. I told him was an “Army fighter pilot’s jacket” and he is in love with it. His brother found it at a thrift store we went to and, since it didn’t fit him, he wanted to get it for his brother. I let him and I even let him tell Caiden that he bought it for Caiden. Of course, now Caiden wants to go with me to a thrift store and get something for his brother. They are sweet that way! Oh, and the jacket is also too big for Caiden but, if he doesn’t terrorize it too bad, he can wear it for a few years.


Dad got home on Wednesday and we had a Christmas dinner of lasagna and then presents. What the boys didn’t know was, I had set aside a few presents for them to open when daddy got home. A mini Christmas to make up for what he missed. Here, Daddy is opening a gift Brendan bought for him a long time ago – it’s an IPod stand that’s shaped like a water faucet. It’s kinda cool, even if it was cheesy and a dollar.


A foam chess/checkers set from Santa for the boys. it’s pretty large, when it is all put together and the boys had a good time playing. However, they like to “change the rules.” I’m sure it’s a by-product of being small but it is rather annoying.


Playing with Dad.


With the money from the project I was hired to do, I was finally able to bring Winterfest home and put it on my bed. I’ve waited since October and it looks every bit as good as I imagined! I love it but wish it would have been on my bed for Christmas. I’m sure I could have “found” the money for it long before now but there were other things I wanted more.


This is the start of making the Creamed Chicken that is the recipe of the week in my “Cooking Class” posts. It is really good. Y’all should check it out! I ended up adding egg noodles to it and it was great!


Oh yeah. It was good.

I also tried making honey from honey powder. It ended up darker and sweeter than “normal” honey so I’m not sure if I want to do it again. We’ll try it, though. When I was done making liquid honey from the powder, we used it all to make “honey butter” and can it. It’s good on pancakes, muffins, homemade bread and the like. Oh, and I’ve had quite a bit of practice making homemade bread. It’s been fun!


And, on Friday, Jen and I went and got our hair done. I actually got Jen to cut her hair and have bangs. She has some long layers and bangs!





I like it! She’s not sure what she thinks, just yet.

Mine? Well, I might have made a mistake. I had my length cut into layers.






Yeah. I’m not sure I did the right thing. We’ll see. However, if I give it 6 months, it will all grow back again.

Oh, and on Friday afternoon, Jen decided to break the Toyota… again! That’s the third time in about 2 months. She was driving the boys home and got rear-ended when the light was green. Weirdest thing was, the lady that hit her said she had been hit by someone else. However, it is really hard to tell by looking at the back of her car whether she was damaged or not. The cops finally said they couldn’t quite decide so they would leave it for the insurance companies to fight out. The front of the other lady’s car, however, was smashed pretty good from hitting Jen.

Right now, the boys look alright from their experience but Jen’s been taking Tylenol quite a bit. I’m quite sure she tensed up all of her muscles when she was hit so she’ll be a bit tight and sore for a few days. She doesn’t have any serious damage from what I’ve observed. Everyone is fine and dandy.

Turns out, the lady that hit Jen was driving on a suspended license. That was priceless! Oh, and we had the three adults from our house there, helping Jen and taking care of business while waiting for the cops. The lady had only herself. And, the cop that responded to the accident is the same cop that lives across the street from us. It was a great laugh!


On Saturday, we all went up to the St. Anthony sand dunes and played in the snow. However, since it was zero (and sometimes below zero), we didn’t stay long. The boys had fun but got quite cold and frozen. We’ll have to wait for the below zero temperatures to pass and then try again. Hopefully before daddy goes back to work, though!


Dragging our new sleds up the hill. Poor kid. The sled was about as big as he was!


“Wait for me, mom!”


The hill Mommy wanted them to slide down was big but not steep enough. We had to push them (Jen and Daddy had to push while Mommy took pictures) down the hill. This went alright… except when the sled stopped and the babies kept going.


Yeah. It was cute. We moved on to a smaller but steeper hill to try that out.


Yeah. I think they had fun.




Sitting here, posting these pictures, the Beach Boys song, “Wiepout” was playing in my head. I had to research it and post the link for y’all to listen to it. Click this last picture and it will take you directly to the YouTube version of the song and video. Yes. Click the picture for it.


Just before we left, Jen had to go down one time. I have to say, that’s a beautiful picture and the hair just tops it. You can see the body created by the layers and bangs. Very pretty, Jen!

That’s all for now. I’ll catch up some more tomorrow. Have a great night! We’re still alive and well, just very busy with the new project and life.

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4 thoughts on “Been Gone A Bit

  1. Brilliant pics so many memories in the making! Love your hair both of you. That’s not a crumpet though.. It’s supposed to be half an inch thick and bready with holes in the top.. šŸ™‚

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