Hand-Quilting & Crabs

I’ve decided that hand quilting might not be the best thing for me. With the way my hands are messed up, a long sitting spell with a needle ends up hurting for hours.

Yesterday, I finally started on the hand-quilting of the bed runner that I want for my room. The original post is here if y’all want to see it.


You can see I have a good start; although, my stitches need to be smaller. I’m averaging about 4 or 5 stitches per inch and the “Gold Standard” is between 10 and 12 per inch. I’m not sure how the ladies do that. I’ve tried, but the only way to really do it is to do down all the way, up all the way, down all the way, up all the way. That’s tedious and I know that the general public that hand quilts does not do it that way. Well, practice makes perfect and I’ll keep trying on this one. I’ve gone around once and started the second go-around. There are four total lines that go around that I’ll have to do. My hand hurt for the rest of the night after only about 2 hours of this yesterday, though. I really want to do it, so I’ll keep going until it is done.

I tried my hand at making crab cakes! I’m not sure I like them so much – at least the recipe I tried. I couldn’t get them to fry in the pan without burning, so I ended up putting the last two in the oven to cook that way. The boys ate them, even while talking about how it smelled like burnt fish.



Jen is adding the shredded crab meat. She said her hands froze and I told her, “That’s why you’re doing it. I froze my hands this morning getting awesome pictures of the St. Anthony sunrise!” She wasn’t impressed.


Ready to fry!


I’m not impressed. Quite possibly, I’m doing something wrong. Y’all got any hints, tricks and ideas?

I also made a simple homemade coleslaw but forgot to get pictures. I’ll post the recipe for both items in the recipe section later on today. I didn’t bring them with me to sit and play.

Oh, and I took a picture of my love note from yesterday morning. The boys thought it was awesome, especially since they couldn’t find me when they woke up.


I ended up getting curious enough to check out what Fay was talking about when she mentioned crumpets. I looked up a recipe and I’ll be giving it a try tonight, when I get done working on a client website. However, I had to run and get a crumpet ring. I didn’t have one.

I ran over to the local kitchen supply store (Jen and I just call it, “The kitchen store.”) and, while I was there, I mentioned my blog to the workers/owners. So, if they stop by, I want to say, “Welcome to the blog, Rush’s! Enjoy your stay and feel free to poke around. Every time I come shopping at your store it is because of something else I am going to try and write about!”

A link to their online store can be found HERE. If you live near me, you won’t go wrong stopping by there for whatever item you need. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their products. I do believe they actually love cooking! They offer classes but, alas, the way my budget is, I’ll never get into one.

They are a bit more expensive than the items you’ll find at WalMart but the product is worth it. I’ve only bought two things in the past 7 months of doing this blog that I absolutely hated. One I gave away and the other I still have – I just hate using it. Everything else I’ve found there has lasted and is very well made!

Enough promotion of my favorite store. I’ll check in with y’all after the crumpet experiment.

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