Avast, ye Mateys!

Y’all are some land-lubbin fools. What you really need is to build yourself a ship that can plant itself in the ground until the ocean comes and sweeps you away!


This is what I saw on my way home from taking pictures of the sunrise in St. Anthony. I couldn’t resist stopping, turning around and coming at it again for some good pictures. I tell ya, that there is a true sailor. he’s got his boat all ready for when the high seas come knocking!

As for the sunrise? Well, I got up at 5 o’clock in the bloomin’ morning, left a darling love note to my boys to read when they got up, letting them know I’d gotten up and left early and I would see them when they got out of school, stopped for gas (I cheated), coffee, a couple of them nifty “hand warmer thingees” and left town at 5:30 a.m.

The fog that blanketed my town was oppressive and I worried what things would be like, the further north I drove. About 20 minutes out, the fog lifted and the roads were clear and smooth. I worried for nothing, I guess.

When I arrived, I sat in my car and watched some cartoons on the DVD player while I waited for the sun to make its appearance. I knew it would, it always does. It was only a matter of time and waiting *ever so* patiently!


Yes. It really was that dark around the car while I waited. The cartoons were funny, though. They are from ages ago when getting the sound and the picture to match up was difficult and color hadn’t been heard of. Yes, I collect some of the older cartoons on DVD just like I collect the old hard bound books.

There are actually 340 pictures but I’ll pick out what I feel is “the best of the lot” and show only those. It was a hard choice and I’d much prefer to finish this and climb back in bed. Of course, that’s exactly what I am going to do – just as soon as I finish “showing off.” I should be able to sleep until the boys get out of school without interruption…. I hope. I wouldn’t be so tired if I had gone to bed early. I’m an idiot, though. I stayed up until about midnight or beyond and then got up at the un-Godly hour of 5 a.m.


And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Of course, it took an hour or so to get to this point.


You can see the Tetons poking out of the fog to the east. A beautiful shot – except I couldn’t quite lift the fog to make it clearer for y’all. The sun was actually rising just to the right of the Tetons.


It’s getting lighter! That huge ball of fire is finally going to light up my world!

By this point, I’d had no less than 3 trucks (old-timer trucks with old-timer farmers) stop to make sure I was doing alright. I let them know I was fine and I was just watching for the sun and they wished me luck and drove off. Every one of them said something about being a “fool out in the cold on a frigid January morning.” I admit, it was -6 degrees Fahrenheit where I was at and the wind didn’t help any. I was just bound-and-determined to get the pictures of the sun, though!


Thar she blows!

Ok. Enough of the pirate jokes.


I might come up with more. We’ll see. I’m tired. Give me a break, huh?

Isn’t it pretty, though? Completely worth it and I’m glad I did it.


Oh, yeah. Totally worth it! However, the Tetons ran and hid when the sun came out. I’m not sure what that was about. They shouldn’t be scared of the sun. It’s too far away to do a lot of damage…


On the drive home, I saw a couple shots I had to get. Some nice scenery of clouds, houses and sunshine.


Yes, that is an original shot. I didn’t “auto correct” or fine-tune it in any way, shape or form. It was, quite simply, stunning!

And, of course, when I got back to my town, the mountains had hid the sunrise. I could have sat and waited for a second sunrise in one day but I was beat. I took the picture below while I was driving straight to Shari’s to convert and post my pictures. By convert, I mean, I shrunk them so they don’t eat up all my available space with WordPress.


And that’s it. I could show up a couple hundred more pictures but you get the gist. Right?

I’m off to sleep now. Y’all landlubbers enjoy yourselves, you hear? And, if the ocean comes inland all the way to where I’m at, I’ll be hopping on a boat… I was in the Navy. I’m sure I could help him out on the high seas!


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5 thoughts on “Avast, ye Mateys!

  1. P.S. I forgot to add this: If you’re shaking the hand-warmer thingees to activate them? Make sure your window is UP. If not, it could fly out of the car and into the snow, thus ruining the entire purpose of a hand-warmer thingee in the freezing cold.

    I’m just saying…

  2. Arrghh Matey! Them be some Incredible photos ye arr sharin’!… Aye! Them old B/W cartoons be the best! What kind of camera is that ye are using? 😉

    • Thank you for the laugh this morning! You did that perfectly. 🙂

      It’s just a Nikon CoolPix. Nothing fancy. I do like the different presets it has. I don’t know enough about setting them myself. Haven’t really sought them out.

      🙂 Naia.

  3. Worth getting up for!

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