Sunday Drive

On Sunday, I felt well enough to drive so we bundled up the babies and set off. They were super hyper and sick of being in the house so it was time to get them outdoors. Freeze them a little and then they’d be happy to be stuck in the house again. We went north with the idea of taking pictures of the snow and letting the boys play. I had no set destination in mind but went where the whim took me.

We ended up about an hour north in a town called Shelley and I started driving towards something called the Sand Dunes. I had never been there so I know my boys hadn’t. I’m not sure about Jen but I figured she might enjoy it.


When we came to this sign, I turned right instead of left. I wanted to see the Sand Dunes and a smaller sign said they were to the right. I stopped a time or two to get a picture that I thought quite beautiful.



I did an “auto-correct” on my little basic program before posting. Don’t they look amazing, though?


Beautiful, if you ask me. I’m not a professional but I did try to capture what I was seeing as I looked around.

We drove a bit down the road and found a resort that was completely and thoroughly shut down for the winter season. Apparently, it is a thriving business in the summer but not in the winter. I think that’s rather silly. I’d set it up so people could come and play during the winter. I realize, of course, that tents would be a bad idea but you could have people visit for the day, use the fire pits to warm up while playing on the hills and in the snow. Waste of money to let it sit idle all winter.


The ice chest is empty, the interior has been stripped bare. They are, most definitely, gone until spring thaw. They did leave the bathrooms unlocked but had put anti-freeze in the toilets. I felt bad using it but it was an emergency!


I set the boys loose in the snow. No holds barred – just run! It was fun watching them … until they found reasons to get hurt.


Snow angels. How many of us actually get down in the snow and make those, nowadays? I didn’t on this day but I plan to – in the future. It calls to mind all the wonderful parts of winter we miss out on when we’re keeping our children from getting colds and flu bugs during the cold months. Stuffing them up inside and not letting them play and experience life itself with breath gasping and fingers freezing. Yeah. I need to take them up there again. I can’t let this fall by the wayside… even if they do cause me worry by their innate ability to find ways to get hurt…


Miniature sand dunes. Of course, they went straight for them and were jumping and playing and having a blast. I took lots of pictures but did stop them from “jumping” since we didn’t know what was under the snow and I didn’t want a trip to the hospital. I don’t even know where it might be, this far from home.




The snow had a nice layer on top of the sand but the boys took the snow off rather quickly in their excitement. It was fun to watch – even when they scared mommy.




Attempts to pose for mom.


And then, the following pictures were taken in quick succession. I asked the boys to stand still so mom could get a picture…




DSCN0905Β  DSCN0907


I couldn’t resist showing off those – they were too precious. The rest of these were as we were leaving. Some random shots but I absolutely love the picture of the wooden swing forgotten in the middle of winter…


My son fixed that, right quick and proper.


They both jumped right on, snow and all, and started spinning for all they were worth.



I love the snow falling. He was constantly picking up more snow to eat. At least he knows to only eat the white snow, so it’s alright…

I am hoping they had a great time. We didn’t stay as long as I would have liked and I know they wanted to. We had nothing to warm ourselves up with and no real blankets to cover up with after we were done. I was still a tad sickly and we made plans to come back up to this spot as soon as we can. If all else fails, we’ll bring daddy up here when he gets home from work.

Now for some random scenery shots that I took on the way home… because that is the reason I go on these excursions.


All those tracks are not human feet. They are from the animals that run around these parts. However, I have to say they are not big 4-legged creatures. All the tracks lead to under the fence, not over it.

We came home, warmed up and went to bed very late. Wait until you hear about Monday…..

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Drive

  1. I have never been to those dunes before, didn’t even know they were there. I had a great time. Can’t wait to go up again. πŸ™‚

  2. wow! snow! looks like you accomplished your mission.. expend some energy and freeze them and they will be happy at home or beg you to go back tomorrow. =) Looks like a lot of fun.

    • Hi! Thank you for stopping by and yes, we are already trying to go again. Unfortunately, yesterday and today are kinda full. Perhaps this weekend.

      Thank you again!


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