One thing leads to another…

I swear my body is trying to do away with me. What it doesn’t realize is, if it does away with me, it goes away too! Silly body.

Let’s see… I had a horrible cold. That lasted a few days and I’m nearly over it. I barely sneeze anymore and haven’t had to blow my nose all day.

However, four weeks ago, I got a bug bite on my arm. It hurt and I tried to heal it. I used Neosporin and bandaids. I let the air dry it out. I scratched until it bled (on accident) and nothing. It has stuck around for 4 weeks. Not sure what kind of bug. It’s not going to kill me – just annoy the devil out of me. When I went to the doctor yesterday, he said it does look like it is finally on the mend. Yay me!

On Christmas Eve, I stuck my finger with something. I can’t remember what. We were running around so frantically, trying to get everything in place while babies were asleep and then get some sleep ourselves. It got infected. I know how to clear an infection out and I tried – several times. I couldn’t get it. It continued to get worse all last week. On Monday, I called the doctor because the infection was starting to swell past my 2nd knuckle and, as we all know, that’s bad.

He gave me a shot in the butt of antibiotics and a prescription for a 10 day course of antibiotics. He took an x-ray of my finger to make sure the infection hadn’t gotten into the bone. It hadn’t. He drew blood to do a white blood cell count to make sure that everything was good there. I haven’t heard back yet but I will.

When I got home, my butt hurt from the shot, my hand had a little dot in it from the blood draw, my finger hurt like the blazes and my cold was on its way out of my system. I figured things couldn’t get any worse. 2012 was nearly over and, quite perhaps, my body would stop with it’s annual sickness and leave me alone.

I typically only get sick once or twice a year. If that many. I have a pretty good immune system – most of the time. This past week or so has just kicked my butt left, right and center. I was hoping that I was at the end of it all. I was banking on the new year ringing in with my body kicking in its immune system and telling all these foreign bugs and infections to get the hell out!



I neglected something…

When I was sick as all hell…

I didn’t drink anything.

I didn’t do my normal coffee.

I didn’t do my occasional water.

I drank hardly a thing except for the chicken broth in the chicken soup and the tomato soup liquid.

My body decided to tell me it wasn’t happy.

I felt a kidney stone break loose and start its travels about mid-day, yesterday.

Um. Ouch.


Tylenol is what I use. Most of it, I can handle. I’ve survived two cesareans and handling babies days after (alone). I’ve survived a hysterectomy and practically walked away from it hours later. When it gets towards the end of this kidney stone’s life, my life is over. I’ll cry and scream and throw a fit for it to be over and then it will, so life will move forward. I am pragmatic like that. I know what to expect and I’ll endure. If it gets too bad, back to the doc. Not until.

I’ve been here before. Couple/few times. I drink a lot more water now than I did before I had Caiden, though. I tell ya that. My first was a few months after he was born. I’m getting older and I have to drink more water. I do really good, most of the time. I forgot, while I was sick.

So, a few more days and I’ll be good to go. I demand it of my body. I am also not someone who takes a lot of pills, so I’ll fight this as long as I can with just Tylenol. It’s been pretty easy on me, so far. I’ve been drinking water all day long, trying to make up for starving my body of liquids while sick. I feel stupid but I’ll get over it.


I did can some butter last night, though. We got our grocery money so I decided to give canning butter a try. I made 8 of the half-pint jars. It looks good, it tastes good. We’ve got one of them open and on our counter, using it for bread and whatnot. We’re actually making more brown bread right now, trying to play with our new butter and test it out.


Basically, purchase some “high quality” butter.


Don’t skip on the generic stuff. Melt it in a big pot, stirring a lot – don’t stop because you don’t want it to burn to the bottom of the pan. Don’t boil it but give it a good simmer and keep it there for at least five minutes. Heat your jars in the oven for 20 minutes to warm them up and then pour the butter into them. After the lid seals with the tell-tale “ping,” shake them constantly but not always – you want to keep it mixed up until it starts to cool into the form of butter. If you shake too much, it won’t set. You shake too little, it won’t mix up and you’ll have “layers” in your jars.


After the “ping,” you’ll be doing all the shaking from inside the fridge. Not before. For the written directions, let me know! I’ll share them. Of course, this was not found in the Ball Canning book so trust at your own risk. However, can you really mess up with butter?

In the above picture, the ones on the left have started to “set” so I am done shaking them. They are holding their ingredients together quite well. The ones on the right aren’t setting yet so I still need to shake constantly to make sure it’s mixed when they start to set.

It is supposed to keep for 3 years and is shelf-stable. This means you can leave it on your counter to use and not keep it cold. Makes it smooth better on breads, as we all know. The unsalted butter has a different sort of taste than normal but it can be gotten used to. We’re working on it.

However, another thing I can set aside until money is tight and I have needs to be met. This is working out good.


Putting the canned items I’ve got in the corner of my closet. My bathroom and closet are one piece and, with the air leak from the bathroom window, it gets really cold in the closet. We’re talking between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I decided that my closet was the coolest, darkest place for me to store things I am canning. It’s kind of funny but, it works.

That was our Monday. Doc visits, playing a bit, canning butter and then off to Shari’s for hot chocolate and coffee to watch the ball drop on their internet. I let the boys stay up until midnight last night (actually 1 a.m.) so tonight they had to get to bed by 7 p.m. They go back to school tomorrow. They are already out cold and it is 7:42 p.m. It’s going to be an early morning but plenty of sleep for babies and that’s alright by me.

When I can, I’ll update some more of our week/weekend/Monday/Tuesday tomorrow. Have a great night, y’all!

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2 thoughts on “One thing leads to another…

  1. When Jake was little I would forget to drink enough, one idea is to make up a jug of water with ice and sit and work your way through it each evening. We all need reminding when we are sick and trying to do too much. Hope you feel better soon. I am not managing to read all your posts right now will come back soon, busy Birthday time of year 🙂

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