All Better?

I must be. I’m on the computer and faking like I have internet (borrowed it from my phone, actually) so I can update y’all on the last few days. To start, I rearranged my upstairs living room so I could let the boys play and have fun while I lay on the couch, writhing in pain and agony. I am actually serious. My head hurt but not just a headache. The entire right side of my face hurt: my jaw bone, my ear, my eye. I was battling something and thought I might actually be losing the battle.

I had decided, if things didn’t get better before Monday, I was going to the doc. By Saturday night, I was feeling much better. By Sunday morning, my snot (gross, huh?) was running clear again. So, I am on the mend. Yay!


I allowed the tv to be moved upstairs so the boys could play the Wii and watch some movies instead of constantly waiting for something to do. I lay on the couch, pitiful and pathetic, so they could see me and not think I was just hiding in my room. They had a blast but now I have to deal with constant requests to play the Wii. I don’t want them doing that all the time – that’s why it was downstairs since we moved into this house!

When we first moved in, television and electronics were a constant. I wanted to break that habit so the tv was relegated downstairs. We sold off all but 2 (a small one for the boys and my big one – my pride and joy). I gave away some electronics, returned others to the person who bought them for me and started a new life.

If I find the t.v. being used constantly, or the requests to play the Wii becoming obsessive,


This game is bicycling. The goal is to swing your arms as fast as possible except when you run out of energy. You have to rest, get more energy and then “pedal” with your hands as fast as you can to win the race. They had a lot of fun but, as a quote I saw on Facebook says:


Can you see that? We saw that on Facebook the other night and about died laughing. Jen and I, that is. The boys were having fun with mom laid up. I couldn’t get after them as much as I normally do to play nice, pick up their stuff, no you can’t have a million snacks, and a myriad of other things that I typically try to keep in their minds on a daily basis.

If you ever need a laugh, please stop by the Facebook page of Just the Tip. She’s got a million one-liners that will brighten up any day. We found it while I was lying on the couch, desperate for death or … something besides the misery I was in. It changed the course of my day and then I started getting better.

At this point, I have now taken over 24 hours to write this post. I’ve forgotten where I was. I’ll go look at the pictures and go from there. It does help jog the memory banks so well.


Ahh, yes. They actually got me off my death bed to play a game or two with them. I quickly learned that moving my head and body that much was just asking for more pain so didn’t make that mistake again.


We washed Blood Red for the first time and hung it on the railing to dry. Later, I realized, it might not have been the smartest idea to place a quilt just out of the washing machine on top of a bunch of Christmas lights on the bannister. My only saving grace was the idea that these lights are supposed to be indoor/outdoor lights. Which means, they should handle getting wet without too much trouble. My quilt is fine after its first washing and all the germs are off of it. . . I hope.


When it was all said and done, the living room looked like this. The TV is set up in a permanent location (where it was a long time ago) and the Wii is hooked up in a solid location. The few movies we have left (we sold well over 700 of them this summer for financial reasons) are set out and looking pretty beside it. Change is part of life. I did warn Jen – if the TV is used too much, it’ll disappear downstairs again. I think I said that once already but it bears repeating. I’m adamant about this!


Do you remember these? I found them before Christmas and was going to put them in the babies’ stockings but forgot. They were in my purse. Green is Brendan, blue is Caiden, purple is Jen and mine is red (although it does look more like orange). It was a lot of fun playing with these but I hold the record for setting mine up so that it can take minutes for it to “pop.” I finally showed Jen my secret last night, now I have competition on keeping mine from popping. That’s why mine is not popped in the picture but the other 3 are. Jen got sick of trying to get a picture before they all popped and just left mine for show.


And, if you turn one inside out and place another on top of it, when it “pops,” it will encase the one and make a flying spaceship. My boys love me now for that idea. Since we have 4 of them, we have two spaceships that fly through the house and, quite frequently, aren’t attached to babies when they are let fly. We had to have a talk about throwing toys… again.

I didn’t get a picture of it; however, my very first Vizio TV is now gone. I gave it to the boys for their room for random movie nights. It’s on the smaller size but it was a beautiful picture. It’s the reason I fell in love with the brand name Vizio and only buy that TV, now. It is an excellent tv and now, I only have one left. My very first one is broke.

Apparently, a child threw a toy in the direction of where it was. The intent was not to hit the TV but they did. I asked who did it and both boys piped up with, “Not me!” After I showed them what happened when the toy hit the TV, my older boy (God BLESS HIM!) piped up and said, “I’m sorry, mom. I threw the toy. I didn’t know it would break the TV.” I applauded him for telling the truth but still punished him for breaking the TV. He effectively took Brendan’s TV away from him so a punishment had to be done.

See, Brendan had the TV/VCR and Caiden had the computer. That was the deal. Since Caiden broke the TV in Brendan’s room, he gave up his computer to Brendan until we can replace the TV or get that one fixed. I don’t know if fixing it is possible but I’d love to try. The toy hit the screen and, when it is turned on, you can see where it hit and all the spiderweb cracks from there. I nearly cried when I saw it.

I praised Caiden until he got sick of it for telling the truth. I apologized for still having to punish him for throwing a toy but he understood. He was very … pragmatic about it. He knew he did wrong, so he made it right. What he didn’t get in trouble for is lying to me.

I had to remind them of things when they started throwing that little plastic spaceship around. Reminding them what happened to mommy’s TV.


I’m not entirely sure what was going on but my son got a cup of lemonade and sat here for nearly 20 minutes, just drinking his drink. I think he was pretending to be mommy with her coffee. It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Eventually, I did come sit next to him with my coffee and then Caiden sat next to me on the other side. We were all on the couch, having a drink. If I hadn’t been in my bed clothes with my hair undone, I would share the entire picture. Since I did look so awful, you get just him.


At this point on Sunday, December 3oth, I realized – the boys really needed to get out of the house and let loose some energy. They had been cooped up as long as I’d been sick and they needed fresh air and a place to stretch their legs. We dressed uber-warm and ran out the door. Our goal? Take pictures of the snow and jump in it for a few minutes. That’ll be the next post, though. I got some really awesome pictures of the Sand Dunes in Shelley and want to share them. Unfortunately, it is now 1 a.m. on January 1st (New Years’ Eve just passed) and we’re sitting in Shari’s having hot chocolate. The boys need bed and I’ll worry about the other pictures later, if I am able.

Happy Year to Everyone and I’ll do a proper post in short order.

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2 thoughts on “All Better?

  1. Happy New year, Glad you are on the mend x

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