Mommy Sick

They say that a good mommy keeps going, even when sick. Even when it feels like the devil himself has stomped on their head.

I guess I’m not a good mommy.

I’ve caught Brendan’s cold and it feels like my head is going to explode. I blow my nose and a river of snot flies across the room, having torn right through whatever tissue I’m using.

All I want to do is climb back in bed, pull the covers up and say good night to the world until my head reduces back in size to what I consider “normal.”

I’ve ignored my children for two days, relying on the Nanny to tend their immediate needs.

I’ve tried to be a good mommy. I’ve tried acting like I care if they eat or get a bath or do more than play with the coloring electronic they got for Christmas.

I’ve failed … miserably.

Just shoot me now.

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7 thoughts on “Mommy Sick

  1. you are not going to get lucky and have someone shoot you. sorry for the bad news of that. all well be good, just go crawl into a hole and wake when the head is Normal. LOL

  2. My children won’t let me desert them that long! We’ve tried, remember!?

  3. A good mum makes sure her kids are cared for. you are doing wonderfully x

  4. Pamela

    Doctor Pam prescribes homemade chicken soup in large quantities and lots of bedrest.

    You will be up and at em in a few more days.

    • Thank you, Dr. Pam. I did actually eat quite a bit of tomato and chicken soup. I made the chicken soup, used Campbell’s for the tomato.

      Feeling quite a bit better, actually.

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