Laptops and More…

Let’s start with last night. My babies made a couple ornaments that the Star Child left for them. What they didn’t realize was, the ornaments were a precursor to what Jen and I had planned for when they finally fell asleep. We redecorated the house and brought out all the GOOD Christmas decorations, we changed the lights on the tree to the blinky kind, wrapped their presents, filled their stockings and set it all out for them. We were up until about midnight and then I lay in bed until about 2 a.m., unable to sleep.



The one on the right in Brendan’s. Caiden’s is the one on the left. He just swirled the paint all around, saying he made a rainbow colored ornament.


Santa was good to my babies. They both got baby laptops to play with. Caiden got Batman and Brendan got Jake and the NeverLand Pirates. They are toys, not real laptops. Toys R Us had them on sale for $17.99 and I had a gift card for $28 from a return we did earlier in the summer. I had to pay a couple dollars out of pocket but they have dragged them everywhere with them. They are acting like mommy with her laptop – taking it every where she goes.


Let me back up. This morning, after getting to bed so terribly late, I woke them up at 6:45 a.m. The reason I did this was so they could talk to their daddy before their day started. He works nights where he is at and this way, he could wish them a Merry Christmas before he went to sleep.


Brendan, right before the ringing phone and daddy’s voice talking to Caiden could be heard.


Caiden, barely awake, talking to daddy about it being Christmas.

After daddy convinces them to run out to see what Santa left for them and what he did to the house, Caiden runs out the door with Brendan hot on his heels. Caiden was giving daddy a play-by-play all the way to the kitchen.


Of course, he did get sidetracked now and again. For the most part, though, he remembered to tell daddy what he was seeing. In fact, Santa left a Christmas Card for the boys, thanking them for the “yummy cookies” and that he would let the Star Child stick around until Daddy got home. That went over very well; Caiden had been praying and asking God to let him keep the Star Child until next Christmas.



Previously undecorated bannister and the Santa is new, as well.


Reading the card out loud to daddy. The poor child was so sleepy and he was being forced to read!


Brendan pointing to the stairs, telling me what Santa left behind last night.


Brendan telling daddy about the gifts under the tree.


Caiden exclaiming about the squishy, stuffed with some gel-type-stuff dolphin that he had previously begged for at one of our Thrift Stores. I told him to stop asking for stuff before Christmas. He didn’t know it but Jen paid for it while I was hustling them into the car. The toy Brendan is holding is the same thing – a small trinket from the same Thrift Store. I had those two things stuffed into their stockings.


I forget what present this is but he was terribly excited. It was cute to watch their faces unwrap quite a few different Thrift Store finds that they were told they couldn’t have because it was too close to Christmas.


Unwrapping the laptops.


Yeah. They like them.


Apparently, Santa left a gift tag on the tree. It was very small and took some time to find it. When they did find it, Caiden read it. He said, “To Caiden and Brendan…..”

“From Santa….”

“Go….. Down…. stairs…”


“Go Downstairs?”

OH! and off they ran…


Brendan fell at the bottom of the stairs. Caiden hopped right OVER him – I couldn’t believe it – and took off running through the downstairs. I nursed Brendan a little bit and then went over to see if Caiden found the last gift from Santa.


Apparently, Santa found the trains from years gone by and set them up for the boys. They were all set and ready to roll when the boys got to the white tables that have been set up for this for over two weeks. The biggest thing I could do for them and it cost me nothing.


Playing with presents while mom cooks breakfast. I shooed Jen off to take a nap at this point. She got 2 hours and came upstairs like, exactly at the two hour mark. After torturing her for her thinking she “only had 2 hours”, I decided I needed to go nap. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten a nap. The boys keep coming in and torturing me. I guess it serves me right, eh?


Looking at the movie we are going to watch tonight. Behind them is the Fisher Price game I found at a Thrift Store. It takes over the computer and lets them draw, color and create things on the computer. It’s actually pretty cool and they had a lot of fun playing it today. It’ll be a part of our days for quite some time. They can even print their artwork when they are done, if they wish.

All-in-all, a great day. I got really upset with them when we went to Shari’s for a hot chocolate while we were waiting on dinner. They (well, at least, Brendan) were bouncing off the walls and acting like unruly children. I paid the few dollars for the coffee and hot chocolate and took them home. I confined them to their rooms for about 10 minutes while they thought about how they had acted in the restaurant and how very displeased I was.

Of course, after that, everything was great. Had a good day. I’m tired and short-tempered because of it but, it was a good day.

I hope y’all had just as wonderful a day!

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4 thoughts on “Laptops and More…

  1. Look how sweet those babies are. And they were so cute carrying their laptops around all day. πŸ™‚ Score for Mommy

    • Yes, it was cute. Of course, makes me realize how much they notice … like mommy always carrying around her laptop. πŸ˜‰

  2. Magical! They will remember that for a long time. Jake had a time out and an early night too over excited over tired. He seems better today. I said to Dan in bed last night, he was lamenting the less than perfect day, I told him as a mum at home I aim for good hours you can’t expect entire days πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas x

    • Yes. Exactly! Good hours is the goal! All children, no matter how well behaved, end up having a meltdown at some point. πŸ˜‰


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