I Went. Go Figure, eh? (PT 2)

Brendan and I walked around and he put quite a few loaves of my brown bread on teacher’s chairs. We ran out but we got quite a few teachers in the process. No name on the package. Just a gift on chairs. Not just my babies teachers, either. He had a great time with it. He carried the basket and dropped off one loaf to each teacher’s chair until we had two left. Those, I had him take to the Principal and Coach.

Yes, I got to meet the Coach. Finally. He’s a happy, jovial man. He loves my son and said that the “winking thing” just tops it all. I’m glad. He also told me that yes, Caiden had a choice on a plank or a swat and he didn’t like the plank, so picked the swat. Such a strange child.

I went home with Brendan and I got him to take a nap. I promised he could stay up late but my real intention was to sleep off some of the hyper from his party. I sat down on the couch for a few minutes and ended up sleeping too long. I got to Caiden’s party 45 minutes into it – with only an hour left. Not that it was a bad thing! Less time spent with children that might torment me right into the looney bin!


Today was pajama day at school.


Even Mrs. B dressed up. She was aghast that I took her picture. By the time I got back there for the 1st grade class party, she had taken her hair out of the curlers. It was hysterical, though!


This is how the classroom looked when I showed up. They were running, screaming, having lots of fun. Oy.


Mrs. B had a brilliant idea, though. She had them all get dressed warm and took them outside for a few minutes. In my opinion, that was the best idea but it didn’t execute as well as she had hoped. They were hyped up on the idea of a party and, while they hadn’t had much sugar yet, it was apparent that they had a lot of energy to dispel.


They teach good manners at the school. My son has been taught to hold the door and I’ve seen several students do that. They stop and hold the door for a bit and then the next child takes over. My son let go of the door when I got to him. The poor girl behind me wasn’t prepared for that one.


Run, Caiden, Run!


I was also proud of some of the older students already outside. This boy was helping my son climb on the tire swing and get settled. If you look, you can see his hand on Caiden’s chest, helping him up and on. This school does seem to teach some really good manners.


And then the same boy helped push the swing to get it started. Of course, I have to say this… the next few pictures are the reason I send the Nanny to the park with my boys. I wouldn’t be able to survive the trip and my boys would hate me for killing all of their fun from fear of them getting hurt!


Her butt is up in the air! Don’t teach my son that! He’s accident-prone and he does *not* need to know how to do that!

At this point, I had to walk away and, when I was standing next to Mrs B, I mentioned I couldn’t handle being a teacher and watching some of the things the children do. She laughed and tried to get me to understand, “They learn at this age, when they don’t get hurt as bad doing stupid things. Learning at this age means when they are older and their bones harden, they shouldn’t do some things.”

Yeah, well. Count me out. Look at this one. My SON was doing this! How… How… awful. I freaked. I couldn’t look, anymore.


I wanted to scream at him, “CAIDEN! No!” but I deferred to Mrs. B. If she didn’t stop him, then I guess it is ok. Maybe. I hope?


Fifteen minutes of play and time to corral them all back inside. Yeah. Right. That worked real well, didn’t it? I guess it helped a little, they were a tad bit calmer. I have to, again, defer to Mrs. B. She must know what she’s doing. But, watching them all try to stay in line and get back inside was hysterical. Beyond belief!


Time to line up for a game. The idea was to throw plastic wrapped marshmallows into a little bucket at the front of the room. There were two teams and the team who got the most in the bucket won.


I was terribly surprised when they all listened and, while the noise level wasn’t calm, they did as they were asked.


P.S., Caiden needs a haircut. I have to say that I made some very gorgeous children, though!


This pose means, “Yes, I’m listening to your instructions but I’m not about to take my eyes off the bucket I have to throw this marshmallow into.”


Caiden threw the first marshmallow. It missed. He actually didn’t make one the entire time. He was so sad. We’ll have to practice his throwing with him. Right, Nanny?


This is nothing. It got a lot worse before the end.


See? And, the sad part is, when it was over, every single screaming hyper child ran to the front and started dumping marshmallows into the bucket. I think Caiden’s team won but we’ll never know. Pretty soon, all the marshmallows were picked up and stuffed into individual buckets. It was a delightful game to watch, though. The cheering for teammates was awesome.

P.S., the girls managed to get more marshmallows into the bucket than the boys. I’d take a picture of me sticking my tongue out but it wouldn’t be appropriate. Imagine me doing that to the boys.


Snack time! What is wrong with these people!? Get off Pinterest. I can’t keep up!


Seriously, people? What happened to just a cute little red ribbon tied around a candy cane? You’re killing me. I thought my ideas so awesome. *frowns*


That’s not what I meant.


Enjoying snacks and finding all sorts of treasures in the bags that Mrs. B created for the children.

I forgot to get a picture of the teacher attempting to get the kids dressed warm and taken outside for the “car line.” That’s where the parents line up with their cars to pick up the children. They got out of the classroom late. Of course, anyone who expected perfection at this point was silly. Just getting them to calm down long enough to get their jackets on and stuff all their treats and candy into bags was enough work for 10 adults – and we only had 5 or 6.

We went home and I convinced Caiden he needed a nap as well. Phew! The parties are over. Learn a bit, laugh a bit and survival. That’s a good day.

And, I showed up to both parties like a good mommy.

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One thought on “I Went. Go Figure, eh? (PT 2)

  1. Yes mommy we’ll practice his throwing. I’m glad you survived the two party’s with hyper children. And you are a excellent mommy through and through.

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