I Went. Go Figure, eh? (PT 1)

Yes, I actually went to both Christmas Parties. I didn’t go for the entire time but a good portion of it. I put myself out there and risked insanity to attend my boys’ school Christmas parties.


The first was Brendan’s. When I walked in, he yelled, “HI MOM!” so loud, I was proud to have shown up. He saw mommy show up and doesn’t realize how much it took for me to actually walk in the door.


They were eating snowflake tortillas when I arrived and the snacks were about to begin.


One question I have is, “Why are they letting him eat with his elbows on the table?! I bust my butt every night to make sure he learns not to! He knows better!” Shame on them. (Please know that I am joking – I know my boy will lose all table manners when surrounded by millions of screaming and hyper other children)

There was a lot of food but some parents didn’t quite make enough to give everyone a piece of what they made. That part was sad. I was glad I had made plenty of extra so they wouldn’t run out (except maybe of oranges). One of the things that they didn’t have enough of was so cute, it was heartbreaking to see some children go without. The kids were wonderful about it, though!


Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Ah, yes. Because I don’t Pinterest and I used what I had on hand to send snacks to school. I make what I have. Mine was just as good as theirs. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


This is my baby helping another child get the straw in his Capri Sun. I’m so proud of him!

Another thing sent by a parent that didn’t have enough. Here’s a hint, people: Send extra – always! It might cost more money but it saves the teacher trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat right in the middle of things. Of course, I’m just like y’all – money is tight and it is the holidays. I get that part and I’m probably guilty of not sending enough when it is Brendan’s turn for snack day. The poor teacher, Mrs. H, was so frazzled when she was trying to divvy up all the yummies and finding herself short.


I’m going to sneak this picture in here. It’s not a full-on shot so it’s a little harder to identify her – unless you know her. This little beauty is the little girl that Brendan is so enamored with. I had a chat with her mom, as well. Unfortunately, her mom has already forgotten meeting me the first time and chatting about our babies. This time, she did talk about how she keeps telling her daughter that her friend (my son) is not her boyfriend. She’s too young for that. The children are convinced, of course.

I probably don’t help. I mention his “little girlfriend” all the time. He picks it up from me. I’ll have to watch that in the future. Don’t want his “little friends'” mom to get upset and end it all!

P.S. Brendan is in thrall about her hair, which is actually so long, it’s not too far off when she’ll be sitting on it.


Towards the end, they gave each child a gift and told them to hold on to it – don’t open it! They were all given a gift and then they played “Pass the Gift” until the music stopped. Whichever gift they were holding at that time was theirs to keep.

A bunch of 4 and 5 year olds. Passing gifts in a circle.

Yeah, I laughed my butt off at that one, too. Watching it was even more hysterical.


There were some really cool presents in the end. My son got something he absolutely loves, so it was awesome. Those are bubbles and a huge wand stuffed inside. You couldn’t pick something better for him. Trust me!

I sent a present with Caiden to his class for the gift exchange. Later, I found out he didn’t do a gift exchange. I think the gift was supposed to go with Brendan. Not quite sure what happened with the gift I sent with Caiden and I apologized to Mrs. H for forgetting to send one with Brendan. She said it was fine, they had extras and the food I sent made up for it.

I hope it did. I feel rather stupid for getting those mixed up. I wonder if Caiden’s teacher is wondering what was wrong with me, sending her (she pro’lly assumed it was for her) a gift like that. Oops. It’s for the kids! I promise!


When Brendan’s “little friend’s” mom showed up, Brendan started begging Mrs. H and Mrs. C to give her the present he brought for her. They had it set aside to wait until the mom showed up and Brendan knew it. As soon as the mom walked in the door, the begging started. You really should have seen it. He was so very excited about giving his “little friend” a present!

I love that boy.


Here is Mrs. C (teacher’s aid – co-teacher) finally (in his mind, it was FINALLY) getting it down so he could give it to her.


And this one is, of course, him helping his “little friend” open the gift. She didn’t try it on but she wrapped her arms around him and gave him the biggest hug ever. It was so cute!

I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a heart breaker. I want to see both of them grow up together and come visit me for the holidays.

Of course, for that to happen, I can’t move. I can’t take my babies out of this school.


Eh, he’ll get over it. Right? First love and all that?

Ok. Now what do I do? Ugh. Being a mom sucks sometimes.

All-in-all, the party went great. I stayed to the end and took quite a few pictures. I just can’t show them all to you. I have to be a little respectful of other parents and their kids. Right?

I survived. No insanity. No mental hospital. I laughed a lot at the antics of the teacher and students. I mean, really? Giving a child a gift and telling him not to open it!? Now, if it had been Caiden, he’d have peeked. Brendan was very well behaved and didn’t.

Next up…. Caiden’s Party.

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  1. I love it. Priceless

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