Another Treat for Christmas

I found a new website. It’s the Ball Canning and Preserving site. Their website is HERE and their Facebook page is HERE. They have a new product out and it looks absolutely awesome. It’s a jam and jelly making machine. It does the work for you. No more trying hard to make sure you’ve got everything in the pot correctly and cooking it for the “right” amount of time. Now that’s a product I want! Of course, that wouldn’t be in keeping with the Living the 1950s thing, would it? I might have to relent because, no matter how many times I try to make the jam or jelly, it doesn’t look right. The product is called The Jam Maker. Click the name to go to the page where they sell it. I’ve seen it cheaper elsewhere – not on that website. Just a thought.

However, while I was looking at all that, I found a recipe idea for Christmas gifts to friends and family. It was awesome. It’s Hot Chocolate in a Jar. I decided to make it with my boys this morning. We made one batch in a bowl and 4 jars of it to possibly give away.


The ingredients. We had to fudge a little. Our chocolate chips were white, not dark. The candy canes to smash were cherry flavored, not peppermint and out mini marshmallows were colorful, not white. All in all, a great idea and I want to make more to give away!


Smash them right good and proper!


We all took turns smashing them to tiny bits.


Mush, smash, crush. Keep going. Still too big.

When that was finally done, we started filling our jars.



(the blue hand is from playing with markers last night. no worries here)


All done. With our slight modifications, it doesn’t look too bad. Now we can give them away. I’m thinking we need to take some of this and some bread to Miss Lisa who brought us yummies the other day!


The mix that we tossed into the bowl while we were making our jars is now to be tested. I’m instructing children on how to stir it *carefully* while the water boils.


Put 1/3rd cup into a mug and add water. (Great picture, Jen!)


It has a stronger chocolate taste than the stuff you buy in a package but it was quite good. I want to make more and I can actually see myself “canning” quite a few of these and just pulling one out when the boys want hot chocolate. It’s quite simple to heat water. Can you imagine having a few of these on the shelves when we all lose power? Part of our storage for emergencies type thing? A nice warm cup of hot chocolate during a crisis of that sort would give some calm peace to your world, I’m sure.

Yeah. I need to make more. Definitely need to make more.


We also found another cute little gift that can be given away. I want to make more of them. I have realized that I need to quit throwing away the used lids for my canning jars, though. The used ones would be perfect for some of these ideas I’ve come up with!

This one is Homemade Air Freshner. Click the title to be taken to the link. Jen and I tried this one last night. I used what I had on hand.


Fill a Ball Jar halfway with Baking Soda.


Add some drops of fragrant oil. Stir it up vigorously to make sure the oil disperses through the Baking Soda.


The website I got this from says to use scrap-booking paper with holes cut into it. I’m a quilter so I used some fabric. It naturally breathes. Cut it to look cute on the outside. I tried. Every now and again, shake the jar (gently when using fabric) to stir up the fragrance.

Outstanding and so cute! I have to see if I have any more oil in the house so I can make this again! Of course, with used lids not brand new ones.

P.S., Jen? I just found this and this. Click on the word “this” to go to what I found and want to try next.

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One thought on “Another Treat for Christmas

  1. I just looked at them. Let’s do it. They look so pretty

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