WIP Wednesday

Ok, so for WIP Wednesday this week, I’ve decided. It doesn’t have to be quilting things. It can be anything that I need to get done and haven’t. Right?

Having said that, I’ll say this: I have a bunch of pictures I haven’t sorted and gone through that need to be put up on the blog for show-n-tell to friends and family. That needs to be done. I’ll start right here before I leave for my Wednesday appointment and if I get it done, all the better.


See the clock on the wall? It’s supposed to chime the half hour and the hour all day long. It’s the second of the two clocks I’ve picked up for near pennies in the past few weeks that I was hoping to fix myself (remember the music box? same philosophy unless the parts are broken) and display. I’ve always wanted a Grandfather Clock and this is twice I’ve purchased one and didn’t get to fix it because the parts were broken beyond my abilities. If the parts weren’t broken, I could fix it. I know how.


This is me working on the first clock I picked up. I took it apart and figured out what parts were broken. That’s something, at least. Unfortunately, to order the part I need and get it put back together professionally (with cleaning and all), it costs about $150. That’s not likely to happen any time soon.

And so, the second clock is hanging on the wall, a reminder to save up some money to get it fixed (or maybe I’ll get lucky and find one that works for pennies). The only problem is, because it is on the wall in that room, I find myself looking at it constantly, thinking it works. Amazing what our minds comprehend and get comfortable with so quickly – like a clock on the wall.


I have to remember to try and post my Upside Down Pizza recipe tonight for y’all. I have pictures of it but haven’t put it on here and I was going to. Everyone loves it – and it’s a great meal.


Jen’s first attempt at coffee cake. I didn’t get a picture of it finished. She handled the dough too much so it was dry and tough when it came out of the oven. Since I have never made one, I couldn’t instruct her much. I’m going to try it again soon and get a good feel for it so I can share the recipe I found in my Priscilla Cook Book with y’all.


A failed craft project that the Star Child delivered. I remember decorating balls when I was a kid in Christmas fabrics and ribbon. I just purchased the wrong balls to use with it. This was hidden away when I realized it was a failed project (remember what I said about crafts and me). I am still hoping to eventually remember what kind of balls were used when I was little and try again.



Since the end of 2011, this was my camera. During October, the nanny dropped it and you can see the bottom of the lens area where it’s bent and broken. It still functioned reasonably well but it wasn’t fun using it because of the jagged broken piece and a few software glitches that appeared after being dropped. I finally managed to return it to Office Max – where I purchased it and an extended warranty that covers accidental breakage.

I got myself a Canon that was supposed to be “just as good, if not better.” First, it took too many fuzzy pictures. My Kodak had a “Sport” setting that I used constantly because of the quickness my children could move while I was trying to take pictures of them. Rarely did I ever get a fuzzy picture!

Yesterday, the Canon was returned and I was given a Nikon to test out. We’ll see how it goes and see if I can get a picture of that one for ya. I will say, the Nikon feels a lot nicer in my hands than the Canon did. They are both on the lower-end of price range for cameras but reasonably nice. My Kodak was amazing with the pictures it would take, I’ll tell you that!


When we were decorating cookies, we had left out the bits and pieces that the boys used. Later that night, when we had a few drinks (shhh), I got a bright idea to draw this little guy on the counter with the icing. Jen said it was going to stain so I quickly showed her it wouldn’t….


I told you I had drank a few …. drinks. I can’t be blamed for my behavior.

Ok, yes I can. But, it was funny and no, it didn’t stain the counter! So there, Jen!

I think that’s all the pictures that I need to catch up on. I have to get going to my appointment.

Oh, wait. One more.


Jen? The floor needs vacuumed. This picture was taken with my new Nikon camera. I was testing the zoom capabilities. For those curious, I would vacuum. I’ve no problems vacuuming. The height of vacuum handles versus where my arms are ends up hurting my back, though. Another reason I’m glad Jen is around.

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8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. impressed with the clock fixing…and the icing face and the clearing up made me laugh! Lovely selection of photos

    • Thank you! All but the last were taken with my poor old Kodak. We’ll see what the Nikon can do over the next few days. šŸ™‚

      And yes, the icing and clean up makes me laugh, as well. I won’t post the antics of the rest of the night. It’s not necessarily something for the world to hear. *grins*

  2. I love my Nikon have had one then the next for about 15 years now. if i am thinking correctly there might be a continuous picture option where you select it and just press once and it click click clicks away to itself.
    try ebay for clock parts. šŸ™‚

  3. Not seen those ball decorations before but have you seen this idea? made out of last years cards. I saw a friend had done the same but with family phots, really cute.

    • Until you posted that, I hadn’t realized…. I haven’t received even one card this year. Mind-blowing.

  4. Everyone is so online these days, I am trying to get back to snail mail more myself.

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