Flour – Important

I’ve had a few recipes fail so I’m going to start some research and post it here. With this advanced knowledge, maybe I’ll figure out the how and why a recipe fails. Instead of simply just accepting the failure and moving on.

First up: Flour. What is flour and why is it important?

The first answer I found on the great big internet says, “Flour is the main ingredient in most baking. It provides the substance of the baked product and different flours give different textures. It consists maily of starch/carbohydrate, and fibre. Flourless recipes give a velvety melt-in-the mouth feel as there is no solid substance to the baked item: the sugars and fats dissolve freely and disperse in the warm moist mouth. They are not filling.”

Flour makes the baked item. You have to have it to have something worth eating. Now, if you’re eating candy – you don’t require flour. Candy is just sugar and fat. Bread items need the flour to have any substance to them.

Next answer: “Flour creates gluten, which is a structural protein. It gives the bread the ability to take and hole shape. It is also a source of flavor, depending on the type you use. It’s main purpose is to hold all the other ingredients together” and “flour is the ingredient that holds the bread together. it acts as a binding agent. without flour you wouldn’t have bread.”

Sounds pretty simple. However, that doesn’t answer the question, “Why did my cookies fail?”

Keep checking back as I review more ingredients to see which one of them could have possibly made my recipes (two of them, to date) fail.

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3 thoughts on “Flour – Important

  1. Cookies are tricky I have had many failures too, more recently I have been lucky. Try that cookie one I did a while back, mega yum with or without the choc bits x

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