A Pot to Piss In

Does that offend? A Pot to Piss In? I’m sorry if it does. It’s an old saying that speaks about how poor one person can be. Depending on whether they have a “pot” to “pee” in, they are really poor or not so very much. Remember, in days gone by, there were no toilets. People used pots to do their business in and emptied it out later on.

While I am considered “rich” by the Federal Guidelines for the poor, I am poor because I am cleaning up a mess created by myself and ex #2. When that is done, I’ll be free to do as I wish and not stress so much about finances. My money will be quite sufficient for a calm, relaxing living. Unless I get stupid again – which I am hoping not to do!

For the pot and pee part, I choose that title because I bought a pot yesterday. Not because my indoor toilets were broken but because I needed one. I have toyed with the idea of canning and decided to get serious. First, I needed a bigger pot than the one I had – one that would hold the rack that jars are supposed to sit on.


I took Brendan to a thrift store with me and thanked God (yes, I really did) when I found a pot for only $11.99. I was so ecstatic, as my funds were running low after having to replace my camera on Tuesday night. From there, we went to WalMart to get the little metal tray that is used when canning.

I went to WalMart because I figured it was going to be very cheap to get this important part. Typically, I avoid the place. I think that supporting other people is best. However, when funds are low and it is not an important thing I need, I might run there. Unfortunately.


I looked at WalMart and found that they had no racks for canning. They did have a pot with the rack inside and, much to my dismay, it was only $18.99. I called ex #1, explained my dilemma and he said to go ahead and get the new pot with the rack inside. He fronted the money for it. Thank you, Mark!

Last night, the Nanny went to her mother’s college graduation and it was just the boys and I.

I tried my hand and canning some strawberry jam. I used a recipe I found on the Splenda Sugar website. I haven’t opened a jar to taste test it but they all sealed beautifully, so I’m pleased. The color is a little pale, however. I’m not sure if this was a “me-mistake” or if it was supposed to be that way.

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

I also found a few other recipes I’ll share. The first is, how to freeze grapes (or strawberries) and have them for whatever use you require.

One could safely assume that freezing them is relatively easy. While it is easy, I found a tip that I liked: freeze them individually before putting them in bags together. In doing so, they won’t clump up. The risk of freezer burn is less when doing it this way, as well.


Basically, you freeze the fruit without letting it touch any other fruit. When that is done, you put them in bags or jars as you wish. The boys helped me freeze and then place the grapes, 10 at a time, in little baggies to refreeze. I had them wash their hands twice; however, I am ok with their grubby little hands playing with the grapes because they will be the ones eating them. It’s not like I could keep their hands clean from the bathroom to the kitchen counter, anyway!

I put 10 grapes per bag (and 3 strawberries per separate bag) and refroze them for snacks for school for my boys. I sent them with frozen grapes to school today and, after pulling them out about 7 a.m., they were mildly thawed by 8 a.m. when they left. That means they will have plenty of time to thaw completely before snack time. A perfect and healthy snack for school!

Strawberry Coulis and frozen grapes/strawberries in bags.

Strawberry Coulis and frozen grapes/strawberries in bags.

Another recipe I found was for Strawberry Coulis (off the same website as above). It’s a syrup for pancakes, ice cream, cake toppings, what-have-you. I made this and froze 2 jars of it. I had a little bit left, so I put it in a cup in the fridge and we used it on pancakes this morning. My boys (and the Nanny) loved it! I am assuming this is a keeper.


Brendan started saying “The Lord’s Prayer” over our meals instead of the “dinner prayer” I taught them. Y’all remember the short and sweet one my dad used to pray all the time that I taught my boys? Well, Brendan decided “The Lord’s Prayer” was better for praying over our meals. It’s his right to choose between the two prayers I’ve taught them, so I let him go. I’ll warn you – when you’re hungry? It’s no fun waiting for the entire prayer to get done.

The next time I have some strawberries, I’m going to try freezer canning the strawberries (after freezing them individually) in the “Simple Syrup” it talks about on that same website. I’ll let ya know when and if I get a chance to do that. I’ve been asked to wait until Monday to purchase more fruit to place with. I do have one more bag of grapes, I’m just not sure what I’m going to do with it. I have to do something soon, though – they don’t keep forever in a fridge.


Yes. I hand-sewed the pockets. It seemed the simplest and easiest way to get them done and have them look good. Also, this way, there’s a red outline on three sides of the “pocket” that is created when sewing them together. I haven’t turned the flaps down because I’m going to hang them as the picture/instructions indicate. Later, maybe I’ll close them – but not right yet.


On Wednesday night, after talking about not being able to use the fabric Advent that I was working on, I stayed up until about 3 in the morning and got all the way up to number 13 done – Thursday being the 13th. When the boys got off school, I had them help me decorate the numbers. I’m quite sure we’ll have glitter throughout the house from now until about springtime but I do believe they actually had fun with it!



From here, we can do one per day until Christmas. I have Caiden assigned to decorate every odd day and Brendan will do every even day. Of course, that means glitter will continue to accumulate through my house until we’re done.


And yes, on Thursday morning, I tried my hand at sewing some stockings. They are simple and basic but, since it is a first attempt, that’s what ya get. It’s 2 piece of fabric cut into the appropriate shape and sewn. I may try my hand at it again but, since it’s a “small” Christmas, these are small and will do just fine. They are also double-sided.


Each side has a different print. The boys can pick their own, I’m guessing. Maybe I’ll let them play with glitter and glue and decorate their stocking. What fun would it be to look back, years from now, at what they did? Of course, I’m thinking, any more glitter crafts and they’ll be done in the garage. Not my kitchen!

Today was the deadline for getting the sewing room cleaned up and start on the boys’ Christmas quilts. As soon as I am done here, I’ll be gone until I’m done. I warned the Nanny I wouldn’t be going to bed until I was finished, so she’s got the boys. I should be done before too much time has passed – unless I get tired.

See y’all on the flip side!

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4 thoughts on “A Pot to Piss In

  1. Lovely ideas in action šŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Fay.

      Oh, speaking of Fay, I forgot to post my teaser for today! Bummer. I’ll have to get ya next time…

      ~Naia. šŸ™‚

  2. love the photo of him praying – so so sweet. My you have been busy!!

    • Some days yes. Some days no. šŸ˜‰ I did spend all day yesterday (and late last night) working on quilt one – for Brendan. Done the top for that one. Well, need borders and backing. I’ll post it later on. Still have Caiden’s to do.


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