Surprise Inside

I found a recipe last night and tried it out this morning. It looked like a good healthy breakfast for a school morning with babies.

To start, hard boil some eggs and let them wait until morning – but not in the same pan of hot water you baked them in. Tends to dry them out a bit. Right, Jen?

When you get up, all bleary-eyed and feeling pitiful, stumble to the kitchen and pull out the eggs (already peeled, of course, to make life easier) and set them on the counter. Grab some ground up sausage meat (thawed, of course) and mash it a bit in your hands then separate it into little bits.

I split one pound of sausage into 5 different bits.

Take one of the little bits and flatten it in your hand (I forgot to get pictures, work your imagination with me). Place the hard-boiled egg in the middle and wrap the sausage around it. Cover the egg completely, working the sausage a little to make sure it is all covered.

Do this five times.

Place the sausage-wrapped eggs in a skillet and fry them in some oil. You’re cooking them and crisping them at the same time. The final step is to put them in the oven at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Pull them out, maybe throw some toast on the plate and serve. Delicious!



And, of course, since Brendan doesn’t like the yellow part of eggs so much, he decided to take his egg out. He was very methodical about the process. It was actually quite cute.


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4 thoughts on “Surprise Inside

  1. Scotch eggs! Never seen them made, you can buy then chilled as a snack here in uk.

    • Teresa Cleveland Wendel

      How wonderful to know. My grandma was from Scotland. I’ll make them in remembrance of her. Thanks.

      • They really are delicious. You should make them! We’re going to put this on the permanent list.

        Thank you,


    • Ahh, yes. I did forget to tell the name of them, didn’t I?

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