I hate weepy drunks!

I told Jen that was going to be the title of the post I’m writing, right now. We’ll leave it at that. K?

On the 1st, I got my allowance of $300. I spent a grand total of $153 on meat and the rest on various kitchen items I need. I should be rather good to go for the month, only requiring milk, bread and eggs – occasionally something else.



Some of the food I brought home. And yes, I am cheating with the huge bag of pancake mix. It’s the simplest I could find – including making my own – and it stores for a long time. I’m building a stock pile of it for the winter and for camping/cabin-staying next summer. Less purchase of groceries if we decide to take off for a weekend somewhere – like we did this past summer.Β  And, should we have another month like November, we are very prepared. We also stocked up on tomato soup like there was no tomorrow. It is great for cold winter days and spring days camping!


Did I show y’all the sugar cookies we made? The boys were intent on doing it the same was as mommy – no glopping of icing on the cookie. Had to really work to get it decorated pretty.


Very pretty cookies! Except, we had one mishap… the Star Child ran off with a cookie…


We had a long talk about the Star Child learning to ask Mommy if he wants a cookie. We also had a discussion about trying to hide from mommy when you steal a cookie. Mommy always finds out.


The Nanny has been whining all fall about the lack of leaves in our yard for her and the boys to jump and play in. We had a few high winds the past week or so and I delighted in telling her that she has to go rake the yard, now. Our neighborhood trees (not in our yard – we have all pine trees except the two baby maple trees we planted this summer) have all dropped their leaves during the high winds and they floated on said high winds into our yard. Of course, in true teenager style, she whined about how many leaves she had to rake up.

All I did was remind her that she wanted them to jump in and she should be careful of what she asks God for.


Yes. That is Caiden diving head first into the leaves.

And, of course, I’ve done a bit more baking. First, it was banana fritters. I saw on Facebook that someone attempted them and I got curious. I looked them up in one of my old cookbooks and set out to give them a good-hearted try.


First, smash the bananas really good.


Cook the little guys. Now, the only mistake I believe I made was adding the milk after adding the mashed bananas. The liquid from both was too much and they were runny. They tasted great and were completely worth it – the form was a little odd because they were liquidy.


The next attempt was with bananas, as well. A thing called “Baked Bananas” from one of my older books. A little squishy but delicious. I think, if they came out crisper, they would be delightful!



Daddy making breakfast – sausage crumbles and eggs. Popping the eggs so Brendan will eat them.


Brendan got a new bed! The one he did have (a yard sale purchase) was broken and didn’t look worth it to try and fix. So, he got a new one and it’s not white! He was a great help putting it together.




Brendan helped bake his own cookies to take to school for snack. They are assigned days to deliver snacks for the class throughout the month. Thursday was his and he helped make them on Wednesday night. The cute part is, Caiden started talking about cookies for his class and I told him I would do it later.


I got a bee in my bonnet on Thursday. It came to me after hearing that Caiden’s teacher’s birthday was Thursday. I decided to go ahead and make homemade cookies and take them in for Caiden to share. I felt a little bad about not listening to him about getting cookies to take to school as well.

The problem was – what kind of cookies?

I had almost nothing to make fun cookies out of. I’d used all the bananas and plain sugar cookies aren’t entire the best kind of fun. Especially since Brendan got to take Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

I did have 2 or 3 pounds of grapes. Maybe I could make Grape Cookies?

No one in my house had ever heard of them. They didn’t think it could be done.

I looked and looked… and found a recipe (pretty basic) that said to add the grapes. I made it.


Mix gently, after adding the grapes. Don’t want to squish them before baking them.

About to go into the oven…


And, when they were done…


Delicious! Especially the hot grapes. That was an amazing taste! Completely unexpected and terribly delightful. I have go to make these again.

Dad and I took 22 cookies to Caiden’s class at about 1230. I got to be the hero for 30 seconds! And, the teacher actually turned it into a math lesson. I said we had 22 cookies and she asked the class, “How many dozen is that?” I am not exaggerating or making this up but it was *MY* son that piped up and said, “3 more and it would be 2 dozen!” I was so proud.

Yeah. I got to be the hero. I brought cookies to school just for him and his friends.


Hey, Fay? I still have a secret!

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6 thoughts on “I hate weepy drunks!

  1. That bit on the end… Tuts πŸ™‚ I was happily reading away and my 630 am brain went hey, that’s you name! And I was like no..oh it is! lol
    Great posts it’s all looking a lot like Christmas at you home and you sound very happy x

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I recently got put on a budget, so it was interesting to see how you’re managing with yours. Thanks.

    • Oh, I don’t always manage but I’m trying. I will say a few thing have changed.

      1. We’re not going “Christmas Shopping.” I am trying to do a handmade Christmas, right down to the Christmas Cards I am sending out.

      2. Most of our food is made at home, now. Instead of buying prepackaged meals, I buy the supplies and try to make it myself. Today, I am doing a pot roast for dinner. Being diabetic, I am skipping the potatoes and rice on my dinner table. We typically have meat with a salad and that’s it when we have dinner.

      It does go back to what my dad told me about eating as a diabetic. He said, “Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and have a pauper’s dinner. Weight loss is natural that way and your sugars stay lower with too many medications.”

      He also said, “Quite a bit ago, society changed. We used to have big breakfast, moderate lunches and simple dinners. Showing off and trying to outdo others created the large dinners, and by extension, heavier people. Reverse that to a big breakfast and small dinner and things will work out better.”

      It also saves a lot of money by doing breakfast big and dinner light! πŸ™‚

      Thank you,


      • Teresa Cleveland Wendel

        Sounds like a good lifestyle change. It’s fun following your adventure into 50’s living–especially because that’s when I grew up.

      • How am I doing with your recollection?


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