Half a Skirt? What?

“You do realize that’s only half of the tree skirt. Right?”

“You are sure you only want to purchase half of the skirt?”

“I’m just making sure you understand. That’s only half of the project to make a tree skirt. That’s ok with you?”

Those words and more are what I heard when I was at the craft store and purchased half of a tree skirt print. I had an idea in mind and didn’t quite answer them – except to say yes, I understood.

Tonight, I found the time to put it together. Finally.


First, cut out the part I don’t need.


Pin it nice and good so the sewing is quite a bit easier. I have a high loft batting inside and I’m not interested in hand quilting around that beautiful design. As it is, I outlined the edge (where the dark blue ends and the pale blue picture print starts) and I’ll sew it closed.


Sew the edges with the machine and let the Nanny take a picture of it. The question is, how does it look under the tree?


Yeah. It’s beautiful.

If I were Tim over at Latimer Quilts, I would hand quilt the top of that and really make it stand out bright and beautiful. My hands don’t work that way, so I’ll stick with what I can do. And I love it!

Are you still curious about why only half a skirt? Well, I don’t have a huge tree. I don’t have to pull it away from the wall/window 5 foot just to get it to fit. The other half would have been a waste of money! Just lay this baby up against the wall and let it curve around the front.

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2 thoughts on “Half a Skirt? What?

  1. So pretty!

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