What to read?

Several times in my life, I’ve said those words and received a book from someone else to read. All in my little corner of the world know that, if I run out of books to read, I get almost no sleep and what sleep I do get isn’t very healthy.

Reading to sleep is something I’ve done since I was learned how to read. It is a perfect way to shut down my brain and let it focus on one thing for a period of time and then, it starts to slow and then stop as sleep takes over. It’s always been that way.

My mind, my brain simply moves fast and constantly. I rarely have a moment when there is nothing rattling around in there and, quite frequently, I can carry on multiple conversations at once or several topic lines at once without missing a beat. I showed this to my VA counselor one time. I told him every single thing that was rattling around in my head for one second in time. I described, in detail, everything that I had going on and to what degree it was forming in my brain.

I’m not psychotic. I just have an active mind.

Because of this, I read to fall asleep. My brain quiets and I focus on one thing: the story I’m reading.

Well, I said this to my friend Meg two nights ago. “I’ve got nothing to read, right now. I just finished reading The Maltese Falcon.” She went and got a book and handed it to me. She told me she hasn’t had a moment to sit and read it through but it is very good. I accepted it and started it that night. Last night, I continued it – even though I didn’t get to bed until around 4 a.m.

I am happy to report, my clients’ website is functional. If you’re interested in purchasing some of her beautiful artwork, take a trip over to her site and check it out. It’s simple yet perfect for an artist, in my opinion. The gallery will be changing over the next few days. I may add more to it, as well. However, she’s got some beautiful work. I already know what I want for Christmas. Go check it out – and the come back to finish reading this post. I’ll wait for you. I promise.

Art by Alice Trumblee

Back yet? No? Ok. I’ll step to the bathroom and we should return at the same time…

Phew. All better here. How about you? Do you like her work? I love it, myself.

Now, where were we? Ahh… Meg handed me a book. I’m quite sure you’re dying of curiosity on what the title is. You want me to tell you? Well, I guess I could. But, if I tell you the title too soon, you might get turned off by it (because someone else told you about the book and you didn’t like what they described).

First, let me say, it was an eye-opener for me. I started to look at my life and all my life choices in a completely different light.

Secondly, I am blaming no one for my own stupid choices in life. I made those choices. This book, however, does give some pretty good reasons for why I would make choices the way I did. The choices are still my own doing and that won’t change – but knowing the “why” behind my actions makes things so much … easier to handle.

Third, if you don’t read this book – as a woman – you’re missing out on finally understanding yourself and all your own foibles. Yes, I looked that word up. It means, small or minor flaws.

Fourth, I recommend every man who loves the woman in his life pick up this book. It is a must read in order to understand the way a woman thinks and how to make her stay in love with you through all the years and then some.

The first thing it teaches you is about “beauty.” This is, quite possibly, the single most important aspect of a woman and, if no one recognizes it, the woman falls apart. She dies a little every time the opportunity to discuss “beauty” is ignored.

I’m not talking about telling your woman that she’s beautiful. Oh, no. There’s so much more to it than that.

You’ll have to pick up the book and read it. Oh, yes. I haven’t given you the name yet. It’s “Captivating” by John Eldredge. The link is for their page on Amazon.

I will write more on this topic as I can. I am sitting and writing this and haven’t quite finished reading it. It is not something that will put me to sleep at night; rather, it will keep me up far past my bedtime because I want to read all the words he has written and not put it down.

Trust me. I’ll speak more … as soon as I can. But, if you’re looking for a gift for a female friend or, if you’re a guy and want to read about your wife, pick this book up.

I never recommend any form of “self-help” book and would never presume to tell you what to read. I just want to impart upon you the seriousness of what this book has given me, in the two nights I’ve spent devouring it.

I have had so many “Ah-ha” moments since picking it up. I’ve seen myself (and my LIFE) described many times over and I’m searching the book, coming up with answers on how to change the course of action I was on. And the answer seems quite simple.

To learn more without purchasing the book, check out here: Ransomed Heart.

I’ll let you read and find the answer…

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