O’Christmas Tree, O’Christmas Tree

On Friday night, we decorated the tree. We waited until ex #1 got home to do this. Until Friday, all we had was an angel on the top while we waited.

Helping daddy walk around and around the tree, putting up the lights.

Helping daddy walk around and around the tree, putting up the lights.


No, Caiden. You can not wrap the lights around your neck!

No, Caiden. You can not wrap the lights around your neck!


"Look mom! The tree has a blue ball, now!"Ok, that was in bad taste - but it was funny!

“Look mom! The tree has a blue ball, now!”
Ok, that was in bad taste – but it was funny!


I was holding on to it because Brendan needed to pee. I promised no one would touch it until he got back.

I was holding on to it because Brendan needed to pee. I promised no one would touch it until he got back.

I’m not sure I’m liking this new picture system. I put comments but they are so small! Maybe I’ll ignore that part of WordPress’s new set up. What do you think?

Not to mention, when you do upload a picture, it pushes you to the bottom of the screen when done. I don’t like that.

Mother's Favorite

Two different ornaments – both of them say, “Mother’s Favorite.” Caiden’s says, “First Born – Mother’s Favorite.” Brendan’s says, “Youngest Child – Mother’s Favorite.” Because I have only the two boys (forever and ever), I thought those were awesome decorations last year.


Is he sticking his tongue out at a me? Oh, and there’s our tree – behind him.

I’ve noticed something this winter, as I’ve been going through a lot of self-evaluation of myself and my way of living. We have a small tree, this year. It’s not huge and it’s not right in front of our window. We could put it there, mind, but I’m ok with it just sitting to the side and leaving the wood (toy) box for the boys to play on and to hold our wood.

I look around my neighborhood and there are huge trees seen through the windows of the homes. There’s seriously decorated trees and there’s some where all you see is the lights. I see the huge and beautiful decorations and I do enjoy looking at them.

However, right now, I’m in the mode to retrain myself. Look at a life a new way. Learn to do with less, not more. Enjoy smaller, not bigger. Hoping to teach my children that we don’t need the “biggest, badest, newest” to enjoy ourselves. Giving them a foundation so, when they get a little bigger, they don’t have to worry so much about keeping up with their classmates.

It’s like when they were babies and I decided I would never purchase any cereal except Cheerios. I never wanted them to know or want all the fancy cereals out there. I wanted them to learn that breakfast was Cheerios. In teaching them this, I was avoiding the screaming, crying, throwing fits and begging for whatever cereal caught their eye in the grocery store. They got used to what they had and didn’t complain – too much.

Side note. I’ve since started this whole “Living the 1950s” thing and have taught them that breakfast can be anything nutritious and filling in the morning, not cereal. They’ve only had cereal a handful of times since June. That’s beside the point, but I had to point it out.

So, in doing Christmas with a small tree with a few ornaments, a couple they made themselves, I’m teaching them that it doesn’t have to all be new and shiny and perfect to be enjoyable.

I hope it takes.


And, when we were done, I stuffed the Star Child in the tree when they weren’t looking. It took them a long time to find it and then they were hugging on him. I rather think they like the Star Child thing I came up with. It’s going well. I just keep forgetting to move him around. He was in the same spot two days in a row and I had to think quick. I told them that he was too scared to try and get down from the top of the fridge. We had to help move him.


We added a quilt hanging to the wall – I didn’t make it, someone else did. I just love showing it off. It was made with the log cabin pattern and very nice.


On Sunday night, I baked some basic sugar cookies from a recipe in one of my “very old” cook books and let the boys decorate them. I believe I have a bad habit of “over-working” the dough, so they weren’t as good as they could have been. The boys, on the other hand, thought they were awesome!


Did I mention that Mark (ex #1) got me a Christmas present early? A blender with a bowl on it! I love it and it really does make me feel like I’m an old-fashioned housewife who just got a new gadget to make her life a little easier. It is normally $60 at KMart but it was on sale for $30 the other day.


P.S., the blender does not like cookie dough.


Daddy helped the boys roll out the dough to cut shapes into the cookie dough. I thought that was the best part of the entire thing – that big man rolling out cookie dough.





Nice picture, Jen.



And the best part: eating your own creation.

I’m done for now. More later as I catch up after being lazy on posting for nearly a week.

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2 thoughts on “O’Christmas Tree, O’Christmas Tree

  1. Your home is looking lovely. When Dan and i set up home 20 years ago we bought a tree and a few bulk packs of baubles from the pound store. Each year we have bought a nice bauble and slowly but surely they are replacing the cheap ones we bought way back then but this way each bauble has a memory 🙂

  2. Thank you, Fay.

    Mark and I have had many years to collect things but I tend to follow after my mom. She had a different “theme” for her tree every year. I do the same with what I have on hand. This year, I did a theme but then let the babies put their homemade ornaments on in the middle of it.

    Typically, I get things for my tree the days following Christmas to use the next year. I’ve done this for the past 12 years with Mark. I need to stock up on lights again. Mine are getting all used up.

    🙂 I love your idea!


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