I wish I may, I wish I might…

Ok, so we weren’t looking at stars but we were making a wish.


I saved the wishbone from the Thanksgiving dinner and daddy taught the boys how to make a wish and tug on it. Brendan didn’t quite understand what a wish was, so we had to explain it to him.

So? Who got their wish?


It wasn’t Caiden…


There we go! He has it! What a strong little boy, going up against his brother! He said that he wished he could get his face painted, again. He finally got to go to face painting last night – and he picked painting on his hand. It was a dinosaur.


Boys? Where is the Star Child? I haven’t seen him in a long time!


There he is mom! (After nearly 5 minutes of searching) We determined that he tried to get into the snack cabinet and got stuck. Bad Star Child! No snacks for you!

Little do they know that, today, the Star Child is hiding on top of the curtain in the fireplace room with a stole sugar cookie candy cane that Brendan decorated. That’ll be funny when they get home from school.


On Sunday, we brought our TV up from downstairs and spent the day watching Knight Rider (the original) with a fire and snacks. It was fun and relaxing – and spending time as a family.


Remember the broken Toyota?


All better. Hi, Jen!

There. I’m all caught up. Now, work to stay caught up and not fall behind again. Right?

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