Wednesday: Are You Kidding Me?

It’s been a few hectic days since I’ve posted. I’ll attempt to catch up and give ya a run down of all we’ve been doing.

Wednesday was an exercise in patience. Caiden was singing at a local Barnes & Noble with his class and I was told to send him there with a “festive” shirt on. I had pre-planned that I would sew a Christmas themed tie on a sweatshirt Caiden owned (in an effort to save money) and make his shirt “festive” that way. When I saw the sweatshirt he was going to wear to school that day (one of his favorites), I snatched it off him and made him wear something else and sent him off to school.

I ran downstairs and pulled out some festive cloth, using a template for another project to cut a “tie” out of it.


You can just barely see the piece that I cut out on the left. A cute little tie, of sorts, that will be much smaller after sewing. As I started working with that, it got to be just a little bit too difficult. I decided to drag out an old iron-on transfer from the left over store items and try that. I put it on the sweatshirt and ironed for all I was worth. I put all my weight on it and pushed as hard as I dared.


As you can see, it didn’t come out so well. I’m very sad I ruined his favorite sweatshirt and hope he forgives me, when he figures it out.

Just about this time, I had to get ready to go take care of some things, so I let it sit and ran out the door. In my travels, I picked up two things. Two new shirts, one black and one red, and one more iron-on transfer for 25 cents at a thrift store here in town. I took them home and attempted to apply the transfer.



I even had Jen come in and put all of her weight on the transfers, just in case I wasn’t strong enough to do it correctly…


And this is what I got…


By now, I’m really getting frustrated. It can’t be that hard to apply an iron-on transfer to a shirt! I decide to head out and go shopping for a shirt, since this is not working. Mind you, this entire time, I’m calling ex #1 and telling him all about my trials and upsets while he’s trying to drive back to town for his two weeks off. I’m harassing him with my sputtering about how stupid it is that I can’t get an iron-on to work! He’s laughing but it’s keeping him awake for the long drive.

I went to WalMart. I went to ShopKo. I went to Big Lots (an off-hand thought). I went to KMart. Not one store sells a holiday festive shirt for little boys.

I found cute little shirts for girls. I found adult men and women festive and holiday covered shirts. For little boys? The only thing I found was Christmas Angry Birds. That’s it. In near every way imaginable, the boys’ shirts were Angry Birds depicting Christmas. By now, I’m frustrated and ranting to ex #1 on the phone. What happened to simple elves, Christmas trees, reindeer for little boys!?

I was beside myself but finally, I gave up. I found a set of pajamas for little boys with (by now I’m calling it the “damned festive theme”) what I needed.


It’s a pajama shirt from the outfit I bought but it works. It’s winter and not Angry Birds. I still think it is pathetic that I could find nothing for my boys that didn’t have Angry Birds on it!

And, off we go to Barnes & Noble for his little concert.


Caiden’s friend Elizabeth (I think I remember the name) found him and picked him up in a huge hug. Caiden, not to be outdone, did the same to her.

They saw many friends and teachers, having a great time playing with everything available and seeing everyone they know – only outside the school instead of in school. I videotaped Caiden singing with his classmates but I can’t post that here. I’ll just tell you about it. He did great on the first song, only fell off the stage twice. The second song, he got distracted by the button on his shirt and completely forgot to sing. When it ended and everyone stepped off the stage, he was looking around, apparently trying to figure out why everyone was leaving him. It was cute but I couldn’t believe: that was my child doing that!


He did really good, for the first song, on keeping an eye on his teacher and singing along. He was so cute up there!


After the singing, they got their faces painted. The last time someone tried to paint Brendan’s face, he cried huge tears the entire time. He looked a little nervous while the lady worked on him this time, but he did great, overall!


Caiden, of course, wanted a train on his face. She did a blue one and he was just a tad upset when she was finished because it didn’t look like the “Thomas the Train” he wanted. I don’t think he understands how hard drawing a Thomas really is. He ended up loving it and was proud to show it off.


I snuck a picture of Meg (Caiden’s kindergarten teacher last year and our family friend) while she was being goofy with the kids. Meg, if you see this and mention it, I’ll buy the coffee. Just text me!

After that, it was time to head home. We got there and heated up a “Thanksgiving Dinner” for daddy, who pulled into town a half hour after his concert. There was no way for him to go any faster to be there for the concert but he did try. He wasn’t scheduled to be home until about 9 or 10 p.m. but he pushed hard and got there only 30 minutes late.

When we were done feeding daddy, the boys went off to bed and we all crashed shortly after.

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday: Are You Kidding Me?

  1. What was so wrong with the first transfer? That reminds me I was going to have a go at a tie teeshirt for Jake, might be fun for summer πŸ™‚

  2. Ah yes, I would told Jake to stand still long enough for anyone to notice lol

    • I really don’t get it. Caiden’s teacher did say that, because he is a year younger than his classmates, he does have a harder time with that sort of discipline. Overall, he got glowing remarks, though.

      I forgot to say that Brendan’s teacher said: He knows, if he gets his work done, he can play. So, he gets it done (and he is a perfectionist) and then either helps his little girlfriend or goes and plays. She also said: He appears almost bored with all of this preschool stuff.

      I’m a proud mama!

  3. I meant i would have told Jake not to stand still enough for anyone to notice the slight errors in the shirt.. i think you might have misunderstood me. x

    • You know, that might have worked! I didn’t think of that. I was hoping, I guess, that Caiden would stand still for the mini-concert. LOL!

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