Thursday: Wood and PTC

On Thursday, even though he was tired as anything and wanted nothing more than to lie in bed all day, I convinced ex #1 to take me into the woods and get more wood for this winter. We’ve nowhere near the amount of wood I want but, Friday was the deadline, and I wanted to get as much as possible and save as much money as I could.


He was cranky but he did it. Of course, the first hour was spent griping about the chainsaw that we borrowed from a friend and how he had to get his brother’s to make things go faster. We begged Jen to get it from his brother and meet us in Ashton to deliver it and she did. After that, things went really fast and he was happier. No more serious Mr. Grouch!


We have two rows in the Rendezvous of this height. I so proud of Rendy! We got a little bit more after this, but, for the most part, this was it. We were cold, wet and getting sore.


What a cute tree trunk. It appeared to actually start growing that direction, after breaking off and laying there.


A beautiful picture of some scenery.  Watching the fog roll over the hill was beautiful.


A beautiful picture of the Tetons when we came down from our own mountains. Even though it was foggy, the view was simply stunning and I got a few pictures of it.


When we got home, the boys pushed all the wood out of Rendy. After emptying the middle to the sides of Rendy, they pushed and all of it from the back fell to the ground. That was awesome to see and very fun for the boys!


After dumping all the wood, we had daddy try to kill us a turkey. He managed to get it on the last shot but, again, we need a lot of practice. If it were life and death, we’d all starve!

Now, you’re probably wondering: What is PTC? It’s Parent Teacher Conference. We had one with Caiden’s teacher on Thursday night and Brendan’s teacher on Friday at noon.

Caiden’s teacher said he is doing great. He needs to work on two things: Staying in his seat and his handwriting.

Brendan’s teacher said he is doing great. He needs to work on two things: Staying in his seat and not ripping up his “nap mat.”

Both teachers exclaimed about how bright our boys were and how “ahead” of their class they are in nearly all subjects. Caiden gets distracted when he is doing his math test on the computer but if asked in person, he’s a veritable wiz at it.

Brendan’s teacher talked about how Brendan is so much further ahead than his classmates. He’s trying to read – in Preschool – and knows just about everything the teacher is trying to teach everyone else.

I’m proud of my boys. They are awesome. We took them on Friday afternoon to Heise for some hot springs swimming because they were both “excellent students.” That was a lot of fun but, obviously, no pictures of going swimming – camera isn’t waterproof.

On Friday night, they asked to stay up late. I told them to ask their daddy. Brendan walked up to dad and said, “Dad? I am an excellent student and I have to work on staying in my seat and not ripping up the mat at school. Can I stay up until 10:30?” He did that with no prompting at all. I think they are getting the idea that good students get fun things in life.

The question of the millennium is: How do you get BOYS to stay in their seats? I mean, did God even give little boys butts to sit on before they are 18? I’ve never seen a little boy sit still in all my life…

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