A Sleepy Day

I didn’t realize it, but the knock on the head last night did more damage than just knock me a little silly. I tweaked my back and was in horrid pain this morning. I got Jen to help me do some exercises that “reposition” my hip and then we finished our travels to get wood before winter. The 30th is the deadline, as y’all well know. Most of the time, I sat in Rendy while they did the work. We got a fair amount of wood. Made it worth the $40 spent in gas and whatnot.

Tightening the chain.

If you look, I’m well-hidden in the trees. He won’t be dropping another tree on me!

Not a huge tree but, with the size of our fireplace, it’s perfect. After we got it unstuck from the frozen ground, it was quick and easy to cut up.

Seth pretending to be He-Man.

This is about half of the wood we gathered.

Me on the way home, hiding from the sun while I tried to shut my eyes. I was on my feet way too much, today.

When we got home, I climbed in bed and didn’t surface until about 7 p.m. I feel much better, I’m moving a lot better and should be completely back to normal by tomorrow. Whatever normal is for someone with permanent back problems, right?

That’s about it for today. I really didn’t do much else.

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2 thoughts on “A Sleepy Day

  1. Sounds plenty to me 🙂 feel better soon!

  2. Good morning, Fay. 🙂

    I’m off to sleep. Have a great day!


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