That’ll be $175 and a thunk on the head

Today was a good day – for the most part. It started with Brendan and I sleeping until 9:30. He got up about midnight and didn’t get back to sleep until nearly 1 a.m., so I let him just sleep all he wanted. I curled up nice and tight with him and was so very comfortable, I couldn’t wake up, anyway.

While Caiden was at school and Jen was at work, Brendan and I played in the kitchen. First, we made the “basic dough” for biscuits. We found the recipe in the book given to me by a friend at the beginning of the summer.

It’s actually a quite clever recipe. After mixing it, it’ll keep in the fridge for up to 4 weeks, enabling you to make biscuits on a whim. Jen and I agreed that we needed to make this and so I did. Then, I tested the first of several recipes for what to do with it when you’re hungry.

They are called “Drop Biscuits,” and quite simple to make. I need to make them a little bit bigger to use them.

They were delightfully yummy, even if they were a little bit small.

The baby loved them!

After this was done, I attempted a new recipe. I think the only problem with it was I didn’t have enough bread left over. Otherwise, it was quite delightfully yummy. I neglected to get a picture of its completion but, here ya go:

It’s bread, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Throw in a couple eggs and some milk and bake it. It was very yummy but, next time, more bread!

I left to go get Caiden from school early and had to leave this in the oven by itself. I was hoping that, by reducing the oven’s temperature, it wouldn’t burn but continue to bake correctly. It was a tad soggy when we got home.

And why did it take so long for us to get home, when it usually only takes about 20, maybe 30 minutes?

Because Jen decided to break the Toyota.

Isn’t it pretty?

Apparently, while she was inside her clients’ home, working her tail off, someone drove down the street and nailed our mirror. It’s broke. Can’t be reattached.

I drove over there, talked to the police officer and got a police report filed. Then, I went to the insurance company and spoke to them. Since it will cost less than the deductible to get it fixed, she said it wasn’t worth filing an insurance claim.

I ran over to a shop they recommended and got an estimate on getting it fixed. It’ll cost $175 and it’ll be as good as new.

From there, we grabbed Jen’s brother, Seth, and headed into the hills with the boys. Our goal? A last little trip to get some wood before the 30th of the month. That’s the deadline for the season to collect wood.

There’s Seth, using a chainsaw to cut up some frozen dead trees.

If you look, the tree on the right has been removed from its stump. It is leaning against another tree. At this point, Seth decided to lay the tree down so he could cut it easier. That means, he tipped it over.

While I was trying to get Caiden near me and I was moving closer to the Rendezvous, Seth gave it a mighty heave.

And it landed right on my head.

I am impressed with myself in one aspect. My first thought wasn’t the shooting pain through my skull but rather it was making sure the tree didn’t bounce off my head and nail Caiden in the head. He was fine but I’m still suffering a headache!

We brought home a little bit of wood but that’s a little bit more than we had before. Tomorrow, we’ll go up again. Seth has agreed to hang out with us tonight and go tomorrow for what last we can get. It’ll cost me a couple pennies to hire him for the day but, if he doesn’t nail me in the head with another tree and we bring home some wood, it’ll be worth it.

I’m off for the night. Going to nurse my owie.

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3 thoughts on “That’ll be $175 and a thunk on the head

  1. Bread and butter pudding! thats a british classic. I have never made it but my mother used to.
    Look after yourself with the bump x

    • Hi, Fay!

      It is actually called Baked French Toast. I’ll find that link again or post the version I did.

      I got the weirdest email, telling me you bought me something. I can’t wait to get to my computer and look at it! Thank you, so much!

      Naia. ๐Ÿ™‚

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