“A Really Old Dead Guy”

That’s what I told the boys we were going to do today. Jen asked, quite some time ago, to go see the King Tut exhibit at the local museum. She wanted to do it for her birthday but, with money so tight, we had to wait. We got paid on Friday and, with everything going on, I didn’t get a chance to take the family to see it. Today was the last day of the exhibit and we were bound and determined to go.

It cost a pretty penny to go see it but I reckon it didn’t cost as much as some other museums around the country. The following is a few pictures of our journey.

Rather icky corpse, if you ask me. However, I’m quite sure we’ll all look like this after quite a few years in a tomb.

I’m not quite sure I could have anyone put those metal things on my toes – even if they are gold! I couldn’t get a clear picture of this half of Tut. They had a red light shining down on him and it was hard to get around that and not use my flash. They said it destroys things, using a flash, so we weren’t allowed to turn them on.

King Tut’s couch. We were astounded at how uncomfortable it looked and Brendan was hopping up and down, trying to figure out how someone his size could even get up on it!

King Tut’s chair. Now that’s more like it. It’s not entirely comfortable but it’s a good size and made of gold. If I ran out of money, I could cut into one of the legs and use a sliver for food or whatever I needed.

And King Tut’s bed. That does not look comfortable at all and they’ve got a king sleeping on it!

We had fun, the boys were super hyper and hard to contain, so we didn’t stay overlong. I feel bad because Jen didn’t get hours and hours to stare at King Tut’s stuff but we did get to see it and took lots of pictures.

This was them playing chess on the floor on Friday morning. They don’t exactly play by the rules but they love to beat each other off the board.

There’s the Star Child. Hiding in the plant. They love trying to find him and see what he is doing. I’ll definitely have to keep this up all the way until Christmas. It’s also a great reminder to behave.

I bought them a bag of oranges a little back and on Friday, I let them eat a fun lunch instead of a stuffy normal lunch. I pulled out an orange and they were ecstatic about eating that with their lunch. Until they started opening it and found out it wasn’t an orange. For some reason, my mind blanked on the bag of grapefruit and read “bag of oranges.” I let the boys try it and this was Brendan’s face when he tried it.

You’d think I’d be smarter and actually read, not just grab. Right?

I pulled out the bowl of left over turkey and they ate what they wanted. Brendan’s eyes were bigger than his belly and he filled his plate but didn’t finish it.

I set the carcass of our turkey on the stove to boil the meat off the bones and get some good juices for use later on. It was fun doing this on my own and figuring it out.

Also on Friday, I made two more loaves of baked brown bread. It was fun and it is terribly tasty. I think we should keep some of this on hand at all times. Right now, we’ve got two loaves of it frozen. We’re going to try thawing it and tasting it to see if it freezes well. I am trying to figure out how to get a loaf of it down to my dad so he can taste it.

For Black Friday shopping on Friday, we only went and bought one thing. It was our new tree. We had a tree but we got rid of it this summer. It was too big for where I wanted it in my new home and it was 10 years old, anyway. This one is beautiful and doesn’t look as fake as most. The needles are beautiful and frayed in some areas to make it look more natural. And, it’s a lot thinner, so we can keep it in our fireplace room without too much hassle.

We’ll start decorating the tree when we get lights for it. As of right now, all of our lights are pretty burned out. We’ve had them for quite a few years.

The boys were coloring the papers that go into Santa cookie plates on Christmas Eve. They were actually trying to do good by it – which is a far cry from a year ago when it was mostly scribbles.

The remains of our turkey dinner, ready to be frozen for when we may need some food.

And, last night, I had an idea (based on something I’ve seen in one of the older books I’ve collected this summer) and started it. Here’s a hint on what I’ll be making next – with Jen, of course. I’ll be teaching as we go.

Last night, we hosted a write in for NaNoWriMo here in our town and we had a gal show up. We had a bit of fun and she went home about 1 a.m. We got a bit of writing done and then Jen and I headed off to Shari’s to complete our night. We finally got to bed about 4 a.m. and she went to get the boys at 10 a.m. When they got home, I roused myself out of bed and spent the morning with the children before getting them to take a nap before going to see King Tut.

We had a good day and did a little bit of mild shopping, picking up some older games and books for near nothing before coming home for the evening. When we got here, an invitation was put out for me to join a couple NaNoWriMo writers at Shari’s and I decided to try and find a sitter so Jen could go with. It was a pleasant evening, all in all. Now, we’re fighting the over-tired and hyper children to get to sleep so we can.

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3 thoughts on ““A Really Old Dead Guy”

  1. Sounds wonderful. Christmas stockings! so cute:)

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