Pumpkin Patch

Yes, I’m still playing with pumpkins. In fact, I tried to convince Brendan to let me cook up his pumpkin and he refused. He wanted to keep it forever and ever because Grandma Donna gave it to him. She told him it grew in her pumpkin patch with his name on it so he deserved it.

Here, he is trying to hide his pumpkin from me. He’s actually kneeling on it.

He was keeping his eye on me, just waiting to see me come after his pumpkin. When and if I did, he was going to tackle it again, just so I couldn’t get to it.

Little did he realize… I waited until he was asleep and then cooked it up!

Doesn’t that look yummy? It’s my first, ever, homemade pumpkin pie. No. I didn’t do the crust – this time. I will, though. Just give me time. It was delicious and I sent one with Caiden to his class for their Thanskgiving day fun and I sent one of the pumpkin bread with Brendan to his class.

Jen said I had to show you the picture of me pulling my first pumpkin pie out of the oven.

Those are the toothpicks I used to test the pumpkin before pulling it out.

I was a good mommy. I saved the parts that had my boys’ names on it. I sent them to school with the boys but I haven’t checked their back packs to see if they’ve come back home or not.

And now you’re probably wondering, “Why are you showing me the first aid kit splattered all over the kitchen counter?” It’s quite simple, really. Brendan was on the phone with ex #1 and chatting away when all of a sudden, he had tears in his eyes and yelled, “There’s a bee in my nose!”

I’m like, “Huh? How did a bee get in your nose?”

“No, mommy! A BEAD!”

Oh, no. Really? Caiden did it when he was young, as well. So, I ran for the first aid kit, dumped it on the kitchen counter, dug out the tweezers and tried to get the bead out of his nose while he was on the phone with daddy. I would have taken a picture but, he was already a little weirded out by the whole thing.

The offending bead.

It is actually quite hysterical, now that the bead is out of his nose. Just typing up that short synopsis of the incident had me in tear-wringing laughter. Much to Jen’s dismay.

Oh, that’s right. Pictures of the babies this morning on the way to school!


We worked on the garage all day. We got rid of quite a bit of junk that was just lying around, gathering dust. Now, not only do we have about a foot extra space for our vehicles, I don’t have to worry about trying to squeeze into the driver’s side of Rendy, anymore. While we did all this, I had client DVDs copying on the computer we set up on the freezer.

We’re working on ridding ourselves of all the extras that aren’t needed – one room at a time. My room is done (unless I decide to go through my clothes, which I should) and some of the other parts of the house are done, as well. We’ve gotten rid of quite a bit and our purchases reflect that. We don’t buy the random “junk” that ends up just sitting around the house forever and never used.

The laptop is one thing that will not go – now, or any time in the future. It’s my one electronic that I keep for myself and use frequently. It does not, however, rule my life any longer. I’m still working on it but babies come first and, even if I’m dirt poor, I won’t go back to full time computer work. Random jobs are it and I’m happier that way. Living the 1950s is accomplishing everything I’ve wanted and then some, even when things slide now and again.

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