Fun Pictures

On Thursday, Brendan brought me his music box and told me it didn’t work. I tore into it and took the pieces apart, checking it out.

It won’t be the first time I’ve taken apart a music box. This is just the first time I did it with two small people staring over my shoulder, wanting to help. The picture above is Caiden helping me “unwind” the coil that turns the gears to make the music box noise. It really is quite simple to get into the music box and figure out the gears and such.

I fiddled with it, fixed the coil to the best of my abilities and put it back together. The boys were helping me. Anyone with small children knows that “the boys were helping me” means they weren’t helping at all.

It’s all good, though. We got it to work again and the boys were o’so happy!

It didn’t last long. What I do is find a new coil for the inside. It will continue to break until the coil is replaced.

This is a picture of us looking outside at the snow falling in the mountains. I tried to zoom to get a close up of the snow through the snow but the screen kept getting in the way.

Random beautiful pictures of the world around us, at the top of the mountain.

This looks like a garage but I fancy it used to be a barn. At least, that’s my fancy. Doesn’t mean it was.

There ya go. Some fun and beautiful pictures from our very awesome weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Fun Pictures

  1. Stunning views but very chilly 🙂

    • Yes. It was bitterly cold. I just couldn’t ignore the beauty around me and took quite a few pictures. I took what I thought beautiful and hoped others would see what I saw. If it wasn’t so cold, I would have played some more.

      🙂 Naia.

  2. Love the snow. Where is this place? Heaven?!

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