Catchin on Up!

A short post catching up on things over the past few days.

First off, did I ever show you pictures of my son in his very first “big boy” bath? Well, here they are!

What? Did you think I was going to show you my poor son naked? Not after giving him a lecture about being a big boy and having to take care of his own privates without other people (like the Nanny) watching him! Nah. I snuck this picture on him. I thought he was cute. Eventually, he would start cleaning the entire tub and shower walls. I’m down with that, as long as he keeps it up! I won’t have to clean the bathroom any time soon.

On October 31st, his school did a career day in lieu of a Halloween Party. Being a Christian school, I can understand that and respect it. That day, he came home with an Idaho Power hat that someone had given him. He walked around the house with a stick (small shaving from firewood) and pretended to “fix” everything in the house.

He’s trying to fix the back of my bench. I didn’t know it was broken. Isn’t that just like a man, though? Fixing what ain’t broke and leaving the broken stuff for years?

Brendan stayed home from school with me on Wednesday. He had a complete and total melt-down before even leaving for school so I finally gave up and kept him home with me. I missed some appointments but we had a good day. He helped me make a “halloween cake,” complete with black and orange sprinkles and then we got an idea to add some Halloween candy to it. It’s full of M&Ms and Skittles. Yes, Skittles. It added a wonderful flavor to the cake but, just to warn ya, Skittles melt in the oven.

Chillin and watchin a movie on the counter while mom works around the kitchen. He was watching Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. He had a great time while mom worried about him sliding off the counter.

The design of the wall that now holds my “Amish Bars” quilt. Jen put the bookshelf there and I think it does take away from the bluntness of a quilt hanging on the wall. I added the picture to the side of it. Here’s what the picture is of:

It’s the original magazine I got the quilt idea from. Remember, this entire quilt idea was in a magazine. The article had a picture, the original date and the ending size. No other details. I just redrew it on my trusty graph paper and then created it from there. The ending result is what you see on my wall. Yes, I am so very proud of this blanket. Nearly as much as I was the day I made this one:

My very first quilt. Tell me you see the totally rad and cool flag design in the middle?

This is made up of a bunch of random patriotic fabrics I found in Newport, Rhode Island back in 1996. Made in 1996 (or was it 1994? 1995?) The years have blurred my memory. I made in in Rhode Island and I was there from ’94 to ’97. Yes, it’s old and the flannels are starting to fall apart. I don’t use it quite often, anymore. It did stay with me in the hospital for both babies and other surgeries, though.

So, yes. I am just as proud of “Amish Bars” as I am of this one from 1994/5/6. If it wasn’t so frayed and tattered, I’d hang this one on the wall.

I believe that’s all I’ve got to catch up on. Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Catchin on Up!

  1. You should hang it. shabby chic is all the rage why not a before and after šŸ™‚
    Glad you are all well, maybe your little man is coming down with something?
    I didn’t read your election post as our views are so polar. I hope things look up for everyone soon. keep warm and have a nice weekend x

    • I’m not sure my living room could stand another hanging. I love the idea, just not sure I could make it work.

      Give me a chance on that post. Read and tell me if I was polite, courteous and fair. šŸ™‚

      Last night, the baby went to bed at 7. He was asleep before 830. We’ll see if that helps.

      Thank you, Fay šŸ™‚


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