Time Change Pajama Party

I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to invite my friend Meg’s girls over to spend an evening with my boys at a pajama party. The reasons were varied but true. First, Jen and I were still working on the downstairs and making sure we have all of the materials we need for the quilt store fiasco. Giving the boys someone to play with meant that her and I could get some more done on our sorting and whatnot. Secondly, it gives the boys something fun to do and lastly (but certainly not least), my friend Meg has done quite a bit for me and mine, so this is our way of repayment to her. Give her a night to herself, with no children to worry for.

I must say, I rather think I’m getting the hang of this whole “having children visiting” thing I’ve been trying out. First, Caiden’s party and now, a pajama party with 2 boys and 2 girls. I’m not saying I’d really get into the whole watching children on a daily basis type thing, but I think I can handle entertaining children for a few hours at a time.

To start, when they arrived, we (the Nanny and I) let them play for a bit and then got them settled down at the counter to make some crepes. The boys hadn’t had dinner, so it was a great meal for them and a snack for the girls.

Pajamas are a must. That’s what I told their mom. They look awesome!

We made the crepe mix and then added blue dye to it. The swirls are awesome. To achieve this, we put quite a few drops in the mix and then slowly stirred just the top of the batter, mixing the blue in slowly.

Well, of course I had a brilliant idea and asked them, “Blue and Red make what?” There were four little voices yelling out, “PURPLE!” So, I put some drops of red onto the batter.

Time to swirl that around a bit. It was fun showing the children the mixing process. They were loud, proud and having a great time!

They all wanted the purple batter, trying to rip it right out of my hands.

A safe distance from the stove on the dining room bench while I prepared to make the crepes.

Looks yummy!

Meg’s older daughter read the prayer on the wall before we started eating.

After this, we all went downstairs and they watched the original Rudolph DVD while Jen and I cleaned up a bit (we got quite a bit done, by the way). They started to get a little rowdy (partially my fault) and when Rudolph was finished, we all went back upstairs so they could make their own snack. I had them make the 1 minute brownies I had taught the boys how to make before.

I was helping Caiden with his. It was a lot of fun for me, teaching them how to make these brownies. Obviously, it was a mess but, as a child, that’s the point!

I asked if it was good (hers was made with gluten-free flour) and her mouth was so full, she couldn’t answer me. I did finally get an answer and she did say it was quite delicious. Her sister ate it, as well – and she hardly ever eats anything!

After this, we took a break and I read them the story of “how an elephant got its trunk.” It was hard to keep them focused but we did get through the story and I’m quite sure they’ll remember it for a long time. While we were sitting in front of the fire, reading the story, the Nanny got the kitchen cleaned up and taken care of, preparing us for our next adventure.

What we were going to end out night off with is stringing popcorn on thread. Do y’all remember doing that as a child? I admit, I don’t recall ever being good with it. The children did great and it was a lot of fun – at least, that’s how it looked to me.

And, the results of their efforts. Brendan might have none on his thread but, trust me, he ate plenty.

When Meg showed up, we all made her a 1 minute brownie. Well, the children made it. I supervised. She declared it was outstanding and she has the recipe now.

While we were all feeding Meg her brownie, Brendan took his thread and needle from our popcorn fun and sewed my rug. It was quite humorous. I can’t believe he tried to do this – and succeeded!

It was a successful evening and I’m glad I did it. It should be something we do quite frequently. And, the best part is? After everyone went home, Jen reminded me – tonight is time change and it was a perfect time to do this. The boys (and Meg’s daughters) will go to sleep late and get up late, effectively giving mom and Jen a good night’s sleep during the time change.

On another note, despite having no funds, I was given permission to write a check postdated for Friday to pick up one of two quilts waiting for me at the quilter’s. I went out there with the intent of picking up my Winterfest quilt. Winter is upon us and I’m anxious to get that quilt on my bed. I figured I could wait for the Amish Bars quilt until money is a little more definite.

The quilter was on vacation but one of his worker’s led me to his office. Winterfest was not there! It was no where in his office! My Amish Bars was but not Winterfest. He’s had it for what? Two months? She called him on the phone and he relayed that it was still at the binder’s. So, since the Amish Bars was the same amount of money to pick up, I picked up that one.

Oh, it was beautiful! It was beyond excellent work by him. It shows off everything that was in the picture I gave him from the magazine I found that quilt in. You can check out this post on how I did it.

I brought it home and, it looked so beautiful and I was so impressed with how it all turned out, I changed my “green room” (that’s what we call it here in the house) immediately! I finally found the quilt I want to display on a wall in my home. And, it is not small. It is nearly big enough to cover a queen size bed, although there is nothing left to hang over the sides so it will always be a twin sized quilt.

Here it is!

And, covering my wall, it’s huge. I have plans on how to decorate around it and give it that extra “wow” when people walk in the front door.

That’s the first thing people see when they walk in the door. It’s amazing, in my opinion, and I am so very proud of it, I can’t help but want to show it off. Here’s the quilting part, which he did really good on. It matches the picture in the magazine nearly perfectly.

With all the mistakes and all the learning curves I’ve had in my quilting, it was a moment of pride to put a quilt on the wall of my home – and know that I did it. Now, I understand that it is quite simple in design. The point is, I had a photo in a magazine and no information other than the finished size to work from, and recreated it – on my own!

I’m actually thinking of taking this to the next quilt guild meeting and showing it off. Of course, also telling the story of how it all came to be. Maybe then they’d realize that they are not dealing with an amateur that needs beginner’s classes. Right?

My pride is up and my wall is decorated. I need to finish getting that wall looking great so I can show off my work in style.

The boys are still awake – they were very keyed up when the girls left. It’s time to settle them and get to bed. Tomorrow will come early.

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3 thoughts on “Time Change Pajama Party

  1. They look so adorable in their pj’s 🙂 mug cake, brilliant sleep over idea. icecream sundae making does for warmer months and pizza making is fun too. 🙂

    • Hi! Yes. They were so cute! It was fun to watch them yell and scream and be kids. The boys were much entertained and I had a blast, even if it does get stressful (for me) at times.

      🙂 Naia.

  2. I can only do strangers in the house in small doses 🙂

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