I Broke The Server

“Oh, that’s right. I broke the server. That’s why I finally went to bed.”

That’s what I just said to the Nanny as I came into the dining room to sit down and type. I left my laptop open and the things I was playing with when I broke the server open to remind me to fix what I broke before doing anything else. Which I just did. Now, to sit and try to do what I want without breaking the server.

What? Oh, yes. I do have a server in my home. I practice and keep my skills up with it. Eventually, I may open it up to let others store things on my server for “off-site storage.” Basically, it means keeping your vital data safe somewhere that isn’t in the same home as your computer. I have two external hard drives downstairs that are full of my “important” stuff and Jen is under strict instructions to grab those before worrying about me and the babies. It has pictures from when the boys were very small and other important items. They have to be taken when we leave the house. If we had “off-site storage,” it wouldn’t be a big deal. That’s what I eventually mean to offer to friends/family/computer job friends.

A side note, within a month (perhaps a quick as a week), we’ll have our own “off-site storage” and won’t have to  worry about the Nanny grabbing external hard drives if we have a disaster. We’re that close to finally setting everything in place to store precious stuff safely. Speaking of which, since I am doing this and getting it all set up for external use, I really should change the password on the server. A newer one, hard to figure out and full of !#$*&% numbers. That would be fun to remember. Right? But, then I can say the server is top-notch and ready to roll.

And, so, before I go back to what I was doing to break the server in the first place, let me fill you in on the last few days.

And now, I am being hounded by my 6 year old (how weird is it to type 6 instead of 5?) because he wants to play with his new toy on the roof of our house. Nothing I say will stop him from arguing the matter with me. Now, usually, if he started arguing, I’d shut it down real quick with a firm no and I’m the mother. This one is so hysterical, I can’t talk to him with a straight face, much less make him believe that there is no way in all of God’s green creation he’s going to get on the roof of my home at 6 years old!

This morning, the dearest darling of my life actually came up to me as I was discussing an infraction with my 4 year old and said, “Mom? When you’re done hugging Brendan, can he come help me with the trains in my room?” I was trying to discuss things that Brendan had done wrong and Caiden had to go and make me laugh. Gotta love the little ones. Right?

Last weekend, I promised to post some pictures of what I was videotaping and photographing for a client if I got permission to do so. Well, I did get permission, so… here it is:

The lady, Jeanine, does spiritual dancing to church music. It’s about honoring God with every fiber of herself, not just her voice. She’s very talented at moving her body with the music and does it by way of honoring God. I greatly enjoyed watching her, while I was videotaping it.

And now, you’re probably wondering, “What is this?!” It’s my son, learning how to sew up a hole in his pants. He wanted to know how to do it himself, so I had a great time (for about an hour) showing him how to stick the needle in and pull it out. I’m quite sure I’ll have to redo it if I want him to ever wear these pants again but it was a pleasure teaching him and having him want to learn.

A few weeks back, he wanted to learn how to use my sewing machine. I put him off because I didn’t want to say no – even when I knew I should. This was a pleasant alternative.

The best thing about the past 4 months or so on my new journey in life is that I get to spend a lot of time with my boys. I see them quite frequently versus nearly not at all when I was working my tail off. In doing this, I’ve stopped having to console them when I left the house with words like, “I have to get to work. I’ll be back later.” For Mother’s Day in school last year, the kindergarten teacher had the children fill out a paper describing their mother. One question was, “When your mom has free time she likes to ……………….. ?” They were supposed to fill in the blank. My son put, “go to work” for his answer.

I am hoping to change that and give them new things to write about when asked about their mommy. That’s what this entire journey has been about.

Unfortunately, with this lawsuit, I have to spend quite a bit of time away from them. Getting ready, making sure all the paperwork is in order. Things like that. I’ll have to do it to them again today, even when I don’t want to. Time is ticking away and I’ve wasted too much of it. I need to get this done and hopefully, finally, put this all behind me (and us).

We (the Nanny and I) finally made a huge dent in the papers and boxes that were filling up my “office.” We’ve sorted the quilt store things and have started setting them aside. We’ll have to do an inventory and get it all written up to hand over. More on that one later, I’m sure.

P.S. My son is taking his first bath without the Nanny or the mommy hovering. It is time to start giving him boyish privacy. I’m hoping, at 6, he can be mature enough to get it done right. Of course, there is the learning curve as he figures it all out.

My babies are getting too big.

Have a great day, y’all and off to work I go!

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