Good Morning!

Today is an excellent morning. It’s chilly and not hot. That’s always a plus in my book. You’ll never find me happy for warm weather and always looking forward to the freezing cold of winter. I’m a cold weather girl through and through. As I sit here and type this, I realize, I have no pictures to share with y’all, today.

The last two days have been a whirlwind of activity. It is officially time to start cleaning up the downstairs of my home. I have an office full of, quite literally, junk from two businesses. First off, my side job as a computer technician. I don’t actively seek work anymore, but I do still accept any work that comes my way. I’ve tried, several times, to keep good and accurate records of the work I do. It started to get cleaned up by my accountant when I hired her for my quilting store, but since that all fell apart, it has fallen back into the shambles it was in.

Secondly, I have all the stuff from my quilting store to sort through and prep for the attorney and the subsequent court case that I know is coming down the line. I’ve gotten a majority of it sorted and started filing it proper. It fell into disarray when we moved out of the building we were in on a moment’s notice. However, I have to have it all nice and neat, with accurate numbers and papers for when I eventually go to trial. I know I will, because that’s what ex #2 is pushing for. I see it in every communication from his attorney to mine. I’m prepared, or at least, I will be. I’ve done quite a bit and now I need to finish it off instead of avoiding it with every breath in my body.

In doing the clean up of the office area, I’ve also tried to set the former quilting store to rights. If I am to turn over everything to ex #2, I want to have it neat and tidy when I do so. Putting all the left over inventory in a nice and orderly fashion so it can be boxed up at a moment’s notice and handed over.

And, in the process of doing all of the above, I’m cleaning out the remains of years of accumulated junk. It’s not an overabundance, simply because, every few years, I dejunk my home. I try to keep from becoming the family that has storage units and entire rooms in their home of stuff that never finds a home or a trash can. I’m just not that way.

Of course, in doing that, I’ve occasionally given away most of the books I’ve collected in my lifetime. I wish now I hadn’t given them away. I’d love to see what kind of library I could have created with the books I’ve purchased over the years. Right now, my collection consists of a few favorites and a lot of the “antique” books I’ve collected all summer. I’ve started reading and enjoying those, knowing that, if I am to own and preserve them, I should read them!

Yesterday, Caiden came home from school sick. He got home about 1 o’clock and I tried to get him to lay in bed until 3 p.m., to no avail. He was instantly “all better” and wanted to run and play with his brother. I wonder if running out of his medications had anything to do with it. It is entirely possible and, as soon as I get paid today, that should be first on the agenda.

Will I struggle with finances the rest of my life? It seems that I fluctuate between having nothing and surviving and having plenty and enjoying life for a time. I’m quite sure, if I set aside some of the “plenty” when I have it, I would never get to “nothing.” In my opinion, though, having nothing only prepares me to enjoy myself when I have “plenty.” It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. After struggling for a period of time, having “plenty” means that it is time to go and enjoy life for a bit before the hard time hits again.

Does anyone else understand this cycle?

The Nanny and I made great headway last night on the boxes that needed cleaning and sorting. We can actually see the desk in the office. I have 2 or 3 boxes of just “paper” that need to be gone through. I’m considering dragging them to my favorite office, Shari’s, and going through them over dinner one night this weekend. I work best here; there are few distractions and I get plenty to drink while I am here. They bring me refills on whatever I am drinking on just a word. There are no children here to demand my attention and I don’t get sidetracked by a computer or a book I want to read. I have some reasonably nice music to listen to that is piped in and the day passes quickly and efficiently.

I’m about to get going and moving and get my day started. Yes, I’ve been rather lazy of late. Jen and I figured it out. I have been out of my diabetic medications for quite some time and that is affecting my sugar levels. When they are “riding high,” I tend to sleep more and get less done. I need to pick those up today, as well. We are assuming that, when I start taking them again, I’ll be back to what I was before: productive and on top of the things in the house and home that need doing – including tending children and their wants, needs and desires for mommy time.

I guess that’s about all for now. I don’t have a lot to say, today. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

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3 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. lovely post 🙂 We have been lucky with dans work. he has been made redundant a few times. one time we sold our dream house and went off traveling, but he has always found work in time ( fingers crossed)
    I don’t like hearing you running out of drugs.. we are so lucky here all that sort of thing is free so I forget. is there no gov or charity you can turn to if in need of life saving drugs.. diabetes can be serious..
    You so need some sort of top up income. how about an ebay shop? or doing more of the computer work? or being a childminder? selling the quilts? or a job while the kids are at school?
    Just thoughts.

    • Hi! As far as government stuff, I actually make too much for any assistance. When this lawsuit business is over, I’ll be sitting pretty.

      Thank you for your concern. I will say that my numbers aren’t dangerously high. They are mild and easily controlled. The meds help when I want things I ought not have.

      🙂 Naia.

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