Soapbox, Halloween and Many Words

I’ve many words to say about Halloween. My boys went out tonight dressed as Batman and Captain America, as they were for Caiden’s party. They had a great time and I told them several times that they really had to start remembering their courtesies when going trick or treating. The “trick or treat” followed by the “thank you” was important ad not to be forgotten. They did pretty good and got a few “you’re welcomes” from the doors we knocked on.

Brendan’s little friend, Maddy, was going to meet us at the zoo for “Boo at the Zoo” but things got in the way and she couldn’t come. I didn’t mind so much, I just know that my babies were really looking forward to it. I’m good at redirecting and moving them past upsets but it doesn’t mean I really have to like it. Right?

We went to Candy-Cane Lane – a street that got its name from their Christmas decorations. Every year, they spend untolds amount of money decorating for the Christmas season. You can find everything – baby Jesus lying in a manger to Santa Claus on a Harley, delivering presents. This same street does the boys and girls wonderfully on Halloween, as well. The decorations can be quite nice or simple, but nearly everyone is home and ready for the children.

I guess they got tired of answering the door.

From there, we went to Jen’s mom and dad’s house to say hi, followed by a swing past the local radio station that my boys (and I) love dearly and listen to near all the time. My son, Caiden, was bound and determined that they would be open and giving away candy. Of course, they weren’t, so I improvised and we took pictures of the boys with their van. The next best thing, right?

After that, we stopped at a fire station and had some fun with the firefighters before heading towards the house. We were nearly home when my son reminded me that we were supposed to stop by our old Pastor’s house. We’ve gone there every year since Brendan was small. He’s not our Pastor any longer – we have no Pastor because we have no church home, right now – but he and his wife seem to still love and accept my boys. His light was off and, after getting home, we found out that he had his lights off because he had no candy left but “friends” could have stopped by. Oh, well. When his wife gets home from the business trip, we’ll dress the boys up and take them over. It’ll be all good.

At the fire station, Jen passed up the chance to see firemen for getting her pocket filled with candy. Bad Jen. Bad!

We saw a few cute houses on the Pastor’s street so we stopped and took some pictures and ten headed home. It was time to get the boys settled down and in bed.

And now, for the soapbox version of this post. I’ve a degree in Criminal Justice and, while I working towards that, I ended up doing some research on a variety of “criminal” topics. It has always held my interest and I’m all for doing all the research required for whatever class I might have been taking. One thing I learned was a study done by Joel Best on the Halloween myth. You know what I’m talking about, the one where it talks about children finding razor blades in apples and heroin in their candy. It’s a myth. An unfounded one. However, it still rules the season as far as parents and guardians are concerned. The few cases reported were quickly learned to be done by others (typically relatives) and had nothing to do with Halloween. But, parents still fret and worry and curtail the fun of Halloween based on this fear perpetuated by the media.

Speaking of the media – you’ll find that I’m no lover of the reporters and television anchors. I haven’t been for a long time. The biggest reason is because I’ve too often seen (not personally, mind you) that things get distorted to suit what the media wants to present. If they want to get everyone up in arms about a teacher who may (or may not) have abused a child, you’ll start hearing a thousand different reports about it to make sure you “get your dander up.” I find it as extremely bias and do not wish to participate in any way, shape or form.

This morning, I saw an article posted on Facebook by another person. As is my way, I clicked on it to read the story. The title I clicked on said something about MSNBC ridiculing President hopeful Mitt Romney for his actions in regards to Hurricane Sally that is ripping apart the United States’ eastern coastline. Turns out, Governor Romney held a disaster relief effort instead of a campaign rally and quite a few people are up in arms about it. Especially MSNBC, apparently. He also had a huge television screen  I’ve read quite a few different articles on the matter and I’ve formed my opinions. If you wish to click like and move on, at this point, you’re more than welcome. I’ll just spout off my thoughts to the typewriter and move on.

Yes, Governor Romney did hold a disaster relief and accept donations of goods for the victims of Hurricane Sally. Yes, he pro’lly should have just written a check and carried on with his campaign to be our next president. However, in my opinion, he impressed me. He got down in the trenches and started working with the people and didn’t worry so much about giving long-winded speeches. It is my opinion that he would have been vilified just as much if he had sent off a check and not done another thing.

I have no money. I can’t donate. I can’t give anything but what I have in my home. Many times, over the years, I’ve heard of someone in need and packed up a box of what I could “afford” to lose and sent it to the person in need. Maybe they used it, maybe they threw it away. My intent was to help in the way that I could.

I admit, Governor Romney can help with money. I’m pretty sure he can donate as much as the Red Cross can handle. What I want to know is, what is so wrong with him allowing the general public to help in any way they can, such as I would? He doesn’t have to give the Red Cross his efforts. He can drive them to the towns and people affected and hand them out that way, if he wanted. I fail to see the problem. If the Red Cross doesn’t want to deal with the “disaster” of dealing with everything collected by Governor Romney, he should just take it and donate it where it would do the most good, himself.

And, with further research, I’ve learned that he gave up salaries at several positions he has held and/or gave that salary to charity. I’m hoping that he follows through on that and gives up any salary he may earn as President of the United States.

I applaud his efforts for “getting down in the trenches” instead of sitting in his posh hotel room and forgetting the American people because he hasn’t yet been elected.

As always, these are my opinions and are not yours. It’s all good if you do not agree. Just as I try very hard to practice religious tolerance, I also agree to political party tolerance. Doesn’t mean it always works, just that I try.

When we got home, I decided that I really needed to get some protein in my body, so I made a quiche. We can use it for breakfast in the morning – the part I don’t eat in between eating candy, that is.

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2 thoughts on “Soapbox, Halloween and Many Words

  1. A visit to the fire station! Inspired! Next year we will copy that one Thanks 🙂 you boys looked adorable.

    • They were so cute! Especially when they tried to befriend every child they ran into – especially the ones that were dressed like them.

      Naia. 🙂

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