Time for a Review

I officially hit 51 followers and it’s time for a review. First, I never expected anyone to follow this blog. I like it as a way to hold myself accountable to my “new and improved” lifestyle and it is also a way to share things with family and friends. I am glad that someone (a few someone’s) out there are watching and cheering me on, offering tips and hints and generally being there and reading what I type. I thank you all very much.

31 Blog followers, 6 Twitter followers and 14 Facebook followers. In my counting, that equals 51

What else can I say but, “Wow!”

Things were hectic around here with Caiden’s birthday and whatnot, but during that time, I’ve been given a “Beautiful Blogger Award” by a fellow blogger who reads everything and I write and comments on 90% of it. I’ve taken to enjoying reading her blog and waiting on pins and needles for her to read what I’ve written and comment on mine. It was Fay who handed down the award after it had been bestowed on her.

Now, the rules say I have to write up seven random facts about myself and then pass on the award to seven other blogs. I don’t read a lot of blogs so I’ll try to get 7 – we’ll see how close I come.

Random Facts:

  1. I hate my nose. It looks like my dad’s and I’m a girl. With my squarish face, it just turns me off when I see pictures of myself. I rarely allow pictures of myself to survive – ever.
  2. I completely and thoroughly take after my paternal side, with nary a thing given to me by my “birth mother.” My Caiden takes after my family line, as well. Brendan looks more like his daddy’s side, though. That includes hair, nose, stature, broad back (which makes me look large in all pictures) and even the moles on my face and neck! Who would have thought moles could be passed down from one parent to children (2 of my brothers have the same moles I do).
  3. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to grow my hair since I turned 18. It never really gets past my shoulder-blades and, when it does, it isn’t all that healthy. It’s my Achilles’s heel and, earlier this year, I actually paid for extensions so I could experience long hair for the first time in my life. It was great and I loved nearly every minute of it! When I finally took them out, though, my hair was very bad off. I’m in the process of trying to regrow it, now. It takes forever. I’ll hate my hair until the day I die and cry when I see others with long, beautiful hair (including Jen but I refuse to let her cut hers).
  4. I used to bite my nails. I was 30 years old when I finally stopped. I have a secret ingredient for my nails being long and pretty at 40 but, if I forget to keep it on my nails, they start to chip and break and fall apart.
  5. I’ve a secret desire to be a writer. What would I write about? I’ve no clue. I just want to write.
  6. I’m a voracious reader and can’t understand people who don’t read. I love to read out loud as I know that I’m good at it. My boys enjoy it when I read, as well. Mostly because I can take on the accent of the writing and put real feeling into the stories.
  7. My accent shifts, depending on who I am around. I was raised all over the country, so my subconscious learned, at an early age, to fit in and quickly. If I hang around a New Yorker, I talk New York for weeks. If I am around someone southern (my natural tongue), I speak as if I was born, raised and lived in the south my entire life.

And that’s seven random things. Some you probably knew, others you probably didn’t.

Seven blogs to nominate, huh? Let’s see… at one point, I was keeping a page on here that listed the blogs I rather enjoy. I’ll go hunt that down and post those.

  1. http://www.time-warp-wife.blogspot.com/ – I subscribe to her and read her emails when they come. I think she’s got her head on straight and flying right, something I will probably ne’er attain.
  2. http://thatmidcenturyfella.wordpress.com/ – I love reading about what Mid Century Fella is finding and doing in his life. I’ve thought of teasing him with pictures of treasures to find at a local antique store but refrained…. barely.
  3. http://peterbvn.com/ – I’ve been following Peter since roughly the same time I started this blog. Unfortunately, he has been silent for quite some time with finals and whatnot in school. I’m anxiously awaiting his return to the blogging world. His posts are typically short, sweet and to the point. A treasured find.
  4. http://slapppshotblog.com/ – Another find from the beginning of my blogging days but, alas, he’s been silent for quite some time. The story he tells about being a single dad is first-rate.
  5. http://strivingforwisdom.wordpress.com/ – What can I say about this blog except that it’s like attending church with your phone when a new post comes in? He’s struggling to be a wise and Godly fiance – maybe I shouldn’t say struggling. It appears he’s got his life quite in order. I do love reading when he comes out with something new!
  6. http://400daystil40.wordpress.com/ – Now this one, I love to read. She’s doing quite a bit of introspection as she approaches 40 years old and adjusting her life where she finds it needs to be adjusted. It sounds so much like me – except I did it when I hit 40, not before. I enjoy reading what she finds and thinking about how it applies to myself.
  7. And finally, a dear friend started a blog right after I did – with the same intent that I had when I started mine. She’s struggling (like me) and I think she’s too hard on herself when she just needs to let things flow natural, with a little guidance from her goals. Either way, here she is: wranglingducks.wordpress.com

There’s my 7. That wasn’t so bad, actually. I would re-nominate Fay but I think that’s against the rules. The title of her blog says it all: Fly on the Wall. When reading her posts, you’re a fly on the wall of her life and enjoying all the pieces of it: good, bad and sometimes just pieces. I’ve gotten some great ideas of what to do with my babies while reading her posts.

Two extras to the 7 I had to find:

  1. http://chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com/ – I love watching and seeing everything that he has overcome while he tries to redirect his life (physically). I see that it is also working on him in other areas and that makes me cheer him on even more.
  2. http://fortyteencandles.com/ – Random thoughts, pieces of life, things that go bump in the night. Near always encouraging and a delight to read. Enjoy your stay over there!

Now, on to the review of where I stand right now, 51 followers after the beginning of my journey.

I’ve changed quite a bit over the summer and I’ve a long way yet to go. I’ve slacked off a little bit the past few weeks. The emotional toll from going through the past history of Caiden, the physical exhaustion of prepping to make sure he had a delightful birthday. Each little bit took something from me and I’ve leaned on the Nanny to pick up the slack more times than not. I need to get it all back in line rather quickly before I lose it.

Let’s see…

  • I’ve made my life about the babies instead of working and making money (or, even having a man around). It’s a struggle, at times, but I’m holding on to the hope we can ride this out and come out on the other side, bills paid and life moving forward again.
  • I’ve gotten rid of needing Jen so much. That one was easy. I had her go get a job. She works mornings and now, I’ve gotten her to start working in the afternoons – until Caiden gets out of school. She’s scared I will eventually find I don’t need her at all. She’s wrong. I’ll pro’lly always need or want her but she needs to build her own life, apart from us. That doesn’t mean move out or get lost – it just means, go be a 24 year old girl!
  • I’ve cooked more and eaten out less – providing my boys with as healthy a fare in our house as I can. Occasionally, we have bits of other stuff but that is the best part of life!
  • I’ve worked hard to be comfortable with who and what I am and not try to be better, different or something *not me.*
  • I’ve worked hard at trying to get closer to God and raise my boys up in that fashion. It’s not easy changing the lifestyle of 40 years but we’re getting there. One change at a time. Anyone who expects miracles is delusional.

That pretty much sums it up, yes? Any thoughts, questions, concerns? I’ll gladly accept each and every one of them.

Thank you for being a part of “Living the 1950s” and here’s to the future and more changes, rearranges and fun times!

P.S. A picture for y’all – I added this after typing and posting this blog, hoping not many people see it:

haha! No nose!

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8 thoughts on “Time for a Review

  1. Elaine Hooker

    Congratulations on your award! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. You may not realize it, but you *are* writer, and a good one at that. Your posts are well-written, insightful, and sometimes funny. I appreciate your honesty and transparency with your readers. And it’s just fun to watch you explore and embrace a healthier lifestyle with your boys. Keep up the good work!

    • Elaine,

      As a mentor to myself (and Jen by extension), I can only say thank you so many times. I appreciate more than I can say all the times you’ve been there for me and mine and I am grateful beyond measure that your husband hired me and kept me through everything that has happened.

      Please stick around, even when I goof on my words or actions.


  2. Your blog has a lot of soul 🙂 I love coming and seeing what you are all up to. you are doing brilliantly 🙂

  3. lol you nearly got away with the picture but I arrowed up again and got you lol.

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