One fish, two fish, red fish…

While I am waiting for 134 photos to upload to Walgreen’s website (to print and pick up), I’ll play catch up. I have a few things and photos that haven’t made it into the blog with the hustle and bustle of Caiden’s 6th birthday. In my opinion, this was a special birthday. A transition from baby to child or, rather, baby to boy. He is getting so big and it is a pleasure to have him as my own. This post is about Caiden using his saved money to purchase a fish for his room.

So, without further adieu, here’s the catch up photos.

With the birthday money and the quarters he earns every day for doing his work in class and not having to bring it home, Caiden decided he wanted a fish. Here, he is looking and trying to decide which fish.

“Mom, this is the tank I want.”

“No. How about this one?”

Picking out rocks, he grabbed this huge bag. When he wasn’t looking, we swapped it for a much smaller bag of bright colors. Even the one we swapped for was too many rocks for his little tank.

As the employee was helping him pick out stuff and asking what Caiden’s favorite color is, Caiden found this. It has blue and purple, his two favorite colors. Yes, we swapped this out, as well. This was ten dollars and we swapped it for two smaller ones (one blue and one purple) that were 99 cents apiece.

The employee has Caiden’s new fish in that small bucket in his hands. If you look in the bowl Caiden is carrying, we’ve already *secretly* swapped for the two smaller plants.

Maybe you can see the orange and black goldfish in there.

Receiving a lecture on how much to feed the fish. The employee told Caiden to only feed as much as he is old; however, Caiden wanted to feed the fish 7 little nuggets when he (Caiden) turned 7. The employee had to go into another lecture on how that might not be a good idea. The employee was amazingly helpful and considerate of Caiden’s age. I was impressed with his patience and ability to “speak at their level.”

Caiden was actually paying attention (and enjoying himself).

Counting his money to pay. Of course, mom and dad pitched in to cover what he didn’t quite have. Then, at his birthday party, he got a $5 bill from a friend. I think mom and dad should get that. Maybe.

All done. He has a fish in his room now. This should be interesting.

My son has a huge heart. He talked about how he was going to save his money and get his brother a fish and then mom a fish and then Jen more fish for the tank in her room. He’ll forget and move on but it was cute to listen to him. He was so proud of getting his own fish and doing his own thing.

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2 thoughts on “One fish, two fish, red fish…

  1. So sweet. I have always fancied a few fish πŸ™‚

    • We now have 3 goldfish (2 of them are several years old) and one bottom feeder fish that is probably 6 years old or more. The 55 gallon fish tank that Caiden and Brendan played with when small now resides in Jen’s room with the 2 old goldfish and the bottom feeder.

      πŸ™‚ Naia.

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