A box needed, A box had

I’m still working on the various parts of my home. My goal isn’t to make it a showplace but rather a homey place. I’ve added little touches here and there, done away with stuff elsewhere. Sometimes, things completely leave my home. Other times, they get relegated to another spot in our home.

Tonight, the Nanny and I had a great idea! We’ve been wanting a box to put our firewood, now that fall and winter is upon us. We both love the feel, the sound, the smell and the look of a real wood fire going in the fireplace and gladly turn down the heat so we can get a good fire cooking. We had a small basket in the “fireplace room” that served to hold our firewood. However, if we really got going on a fire, that basket would empty fast and it was a pain to constantly have to refill it. Not that I did very often, but Jen and the babies would.

We asked ex #1 to build us a box. He said he couldn’t this time but he would try the next time he was home. The day before he left (yesterday), he spent the morning using some random wood pieces we had laying around the garage and started the framework for our box. He didn’t have time or resources to finish what he started and the box frame sits in the garage and he’s gone for another month. So, we have a frame for the box we want.

Jen and I looked at it, looked at where we might want to put it and decided it was too tall, possibly too wide. We didn’t drag it inside to put it where we wanted it to go and check that way. We eyeballed it. While we were out there, this evening, we had a wild hair to try and see if an old box that ex #1 built would suffice.

This box was built when I was pregnant with Caiden as a toy box. He cussed and screamed, hurt himself and cried but he finally got the box built. It sat in Caiden’s room until he was old enough to dig into it and then the lid was pulled off to keep his little head safe – the lid will close on an unsuspecting child quite easily. From then until tonight, the box has had no lid – although, I have tried very hard to keep the lid safe until it is used again! Quite a few times, it has been stored under my own bed as a way of keeping it safe.

For the past year or so, the box has sat in the garage, filled with toys used by the boys during the “warmer” months. It has been full of water toys, balls to play in the yard and other gadgets for summertime fun. Tonight, Jen and I emptied all of that into a plastic tub – with me giving her instructions on possibly going through those toys and ditching them, as some were old and some were broken. The box came in the house, the lid was screwed back on (by me – yes, me!) and now it’s in my fireplace room.

A box! And, it’s full of wood!

I think it looks rather good. Opinions?

On another note, tonight’s dinner was probably the only real thing I did all day. I did start cooking crepes for lunch but I was having issues with them so I handed over the spatula to ex #1 and he finished them off (with the same cussing and fussing, mind you).

Dinner was as Jen remembers from days gone by – a “wing it” dinner game. This game is played by mommy (that would be me) figuring out what I have available in the house and planning some unusual dinner based on that.

So, we had some pork chops thawed. No salad, so I had to come up with another sort of side. I don’t do rice or potatoes but I do spaghetti noodles on occasion. So, I sent Jen out to BBQ the pork chops on the grill, slathered in BBQ sauce and I set to making spaghetti noodles.

When she came in, she asked, “What’s with the spaghetti noodles with pork chops?” I didn’t answer, as is my way when I want her to learn, not ask questions, and continued my dinner.

I set the table with spaghetti noodles, pork chops cut into small cubes, shredded/grated Parmesan cheese and a bottle each of Italian Dressing and Ranch Dressing. I knew the boys would want Ranch but told Jen she’d be better off eating with the Italian.

Voila. Delicious and filling. For desert, I made a box of blueberry scone mix I’ve had for awhile in my cupboards. That, warmed up with a little butter and honey just completely finished off the night. Jen has said she wants me to write down the recipe. First, I wouldn’t know what to call it and second, there’s really not enough ingredients to write down. Pork, BBQ sauce, spaghetti noodles and Italian dressing. The Parmesan cheese tastes great, if you’d really wish to put that on the top.

So, there’s my day. Very quiet and lazy. Hope y’all really enjoyed your day!

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3 thoughts on “A box needed, A box had

  1. The box looks awesome, your ex is very talented. Glad you had a nice day, the sort of day I want for myself today. Jake goes to a holiday club ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Fay. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re not sold on the box, yet but so far so good. Yes, ex #1 is pretty good at what he does.

      I shouldn’t post when so very tired. When I said “cussing and screaming,” it was supposed to be humor. I just realized that I wrote it pretty bland and there was no humor involved. He’s cute when he is fussing and fuming over something. ๐Ÿ™‚


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