Moving On

Birthday is over and it is time to move on. Yes, we still have the party on Sunday evening to worry about, but the biggest push of birthday and reminiscing is over. Sunday will be stressful and I’m quite sure I’ll be exhausted by the end of it, but it will be worth it for my son. Until then, let’s catch up on things, shall we?

Caiden’s birthday was awesome and I hope he remembers it fondly for years to come. They say that, until age 5, your permanent memories are not formed and after that, you remember things quite clear for many years to come. I’m hoping he remembers his surprise, coming home from church to a surprise mini-party with just the family.

On Thursday morning, daddy got up early and cooked breakfast for the boys while mommy stayed in bed until she “woke up.” Which, for those that wish to laugh, was only 8 a.m. I didn’t indulge in sleeping the day away. I think I rather like getting up early and then going and taking a nap in the afternoon, instead of staying in bed all morning.

Do you see what I see? Such excitement over eating a breakfast daddy made! It’s amazing! (insert heavy sarcasm!) I wonder if they needed mommy’s smiling and cheerful face to get them moving on Thursday morning. I rather like the idea that they need me in the mornings to get going!

I’ve redesigned my bedroom again. Yes, again. I decided to bring inside the bistro set that was sitting back in the corner of our yard, waiting for boys or mommy to grace it with our presence. For the winter, I decided it needed to be indoors and found a perfect spot for it: my bedroom!

I know, with a little love and care behind the sewing machine, I can turn this into a beautiful place to sit and relax when working on my laptop. I’m thinking of chair covers to get rid of the harsh (and cold) metal and make it a soft and warm spot to relax in my own bedroom. In doing this, I’ve relegated my rocking chair over by the shelf in my room that holds some of my treasured books. I rather like it and am looking forward to the creation of the chair covers and whatnots. The rest of this week and beginning of the next is rather hectic, however, and I’ll have to wait to do it all.

A few last random pictures from our weekend in the cabin on top of the mountain:

Caiden eating a burnt marshmallow. I actually saw it as a bug trying to crawl in (or out) of his mouth. It was quite disgusting but, after I mentioned that, he thought it was hysterical.

Throughout my adulthood, when the weather started getting cooler, I would pull out my boots and wear them until spring and warm weather forced me to put them away again. I’ve been teased and tortured about my choice of shoes and how it was terribly un-womanlike to be focused on one pair of shoes and not many pairs. I’m not the type to buy shoes that are “gorgeous” and “perfect for that outfit hanging in my closet.” In fact, for many (many!) years, I have purchased outfits that go with my shoes and not the other way around. Quite un-womanlike, I’m sure. I even buy skirts that sweep the floor because my boots go beautifully with them and I do not wear any kind of shirt/dress shorter. I have one or two exceptions to the rule for fancy nights out with the “man,” but on the whole, the long skirts work with the boots and that’s what I wear.

I’ve had ex #1 buy me a pair of hiking boots to wear when we went camping or hunting and, after the first day of wearing them, when my back would hurt like holy hell, I’d switch back to my lace-up ropers and feel great the second day.

I’ve had sneakers purchased for me by ex #1 and I’ve worn them a time or three and then they get relegated to the back of the closet, never to see the light of day again.

I have purchased a pair of these lace-up ropers and had them last 2 or three years before needing repair or replacement but will not wear anything else when the cooler weather hits and I’ve need of real shoes and not just the casual slip-ons perfect for summer.

In the picture above, I was attempting to show another reason I love my boots and won’t switch. I can manage and manipulate an outdoor fire and not worry about it burning up my shoes or melting the soles. The cowboy boots (lace-ups) I wear are perfect for almost anything one wishes to do and I proved it while we went camping.

Relaxing by the fire with my feet kicked up, not worrying about the bottom of my ever-ready and useable boots. The only worry I had about them all weekend was when the bottom of my frayed jeans caught a spark. Otherwise, they were great for moving logs or simply stomping down on top of the fire to help put it out before bed at night. They are great for just about anything – in fact, I’ve climbed mountains with the boys and Jen and was only wearing my boots. I guess you could say that I started with the “boot craze” because I was in the military and required to wear flight deck boots nearly all the time. I liked them because they felt (and feel) like they give my thrice-broken ankle extra support.

On a side note: I can’t sneak around my home or anywhere that has non-carpeted floors. My boots announce my arrival long before my voice does. That also means that I can’t sneak up on my children to see if they are behaving or not.

The other day, we had some rolls left over from our cabin trip and I decided to make New England Clam Chowder and put it in a “bread bowl.” My son loved it very much and has been begging since for us to make it for dinner so Caiden can have some.

And then he learned that he could tear apart the “bowl” and eat it. That was even more fun for him.

Like I said, he loves it and can’t wait until I make it for dinner. I told daddy to go ahead and make it tonight without me. I’ll be in Pocatello for today and tomorrow, working on a videography job. I like that idea – more money for my quilts! I get home Saturday and have until Sunday night to prep for the birthday party. That’ll be fun!

It started snowing Wednesday night and has been snowing off and on since then. We’re expecting more tonight. This is a picture of Brendan playing around with the snow falling.

Jen and Brendan splitting the wood we brought home from the mountains. If you look behind them, you can see all the wood waiting for her to split it!

Remember the leaves we collected and pressed into books? We gave daddy the honor of opening the books and checking on the leaves, since he’s home right now.

Beautiful leaves.

We went to Shari’s on Tuesday for Caiden to get a free piece of pie for his birthday.

He is so beautiful.

When we got home, I finally got daddy to sit with me and go through a thousand pieces of paper and whatnot that have accumulated. The goal is to get it all sorted and start building “memory boxes” for the boys as they get older. My thought is that, if we get it all sorted, maybe we can keep it that way and once a year go through and get it all put together for that year.

Huge mess but it cleaned up beautifully as we got things sorted.

On Wednesday morning, for Caiden’s birthday, he got to pick breakfast. Of course, it was German Pancakes. It’s a favorite in our home. What you see is me coloring it blue for giggles. What I forgot was that when it mixed with the butter in the pan, it would turn green. Yellow and blue make green!

It was a hit, even if it did get slightly destroyed because my cast iron pan has had too much use and not enough seasoning lately.

All ready to go to school on Wednesday – his birthday. In his hand is two boxes of Turkish Delight ($2.99 at TJMaxx). He was going to tell the story about them at school. He first heard about them in the movie Narnia and he tells the story with such delight. I let him share with his class and tell his story. From what I have heard, he told it very well but I didn’t send enough. His classmates only got one apiece.

Yesterday, it was snowing pretty good (off and on all day) and Brendan couldn’t wait for his brother to come home and play with him. At one point, he went out barefoot and ran through the snow! Of course, he had to go warm his feet by the fire when he was done.

He left footprints all the way inside. It was awesome but I felt bad for his poor little feet.

When Caiden got home, they ran outside and played together until Brendan got cold – which is easy to do and takes Caiden forever to do.

Chasing his brother in a snowball fight.

I love to see pictures of my laughing and smiling babies. We’ve fought so hard to get here.

Caiden started this huge snowball. Jen pitched in to help when it got too big for him.

They made this cute “snow-bear” with smaller balls of snow.

Brendan rolling the ball for the top of the “huge” snowman.

So proud! … and so very gorgeous. These are MY boys!

Stripping down to nothing to warm up by the fire while mom finishes dinner. I kept it hot and roaring until bedtime.

There’s our dinner quiche, made with sausage crumbles and cheddar cheese. There was nothing left after dinner. Yes, it was that good.

After dinner, the boys got time on the computer playing with and the three adults were in mommy’s room, tying the blankets that will be given as prizes at Caiden’s birthday party on Sunday. There’s one for best dressed girl and one for best dressed boy. We got a huge “vintage” quilt top unfinished for about $20 and split it in half. It’s made of heavy wool pieces and will be very warm for whoever gets it. We purchased the backing for $10/quilt and tied it last night. On Sunday morning (or Saturday night), I’ll have to sew the edges in some cute fashion. I think it’s a great thing to give away and didn’t cost much at all.

And, they are plenty big enough to cover a twin bed. There is no stuffing. I figured it would be too heavy with the wool tops and fleece backs. I’m hoping they find good, loving homes for their lives.

That’s about it. I think I’m all caught up on the past few days that have been neglected due to Caiden’s birthday. We’ll see. I need to get ready for the videography job in Pocatello tonight, so have a great day, y’all!

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3 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Wow lovely blanket gift idea.
    Snow! omg already!
    Your home is coming alive with all the love, care and wonderful ideas you are having and that quiche looks delicious 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is good idea to give present to anyone. I am really happy to see and read this blog.

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