Aglow. That’s what I’m doing, tonight. I’ve been hired (with Jen as my assistant) to videotape and take pictures of a presentation given by a lady we met at our Women’s Retreat a month ago. She wants to create a DVD to show others and tonight (and tomorrow) was a perfect opportunity for us to come and memorialize what she is about, what she does, what she enjoys.

From what I learned this evening (by watching through the camera lens), they use music and dance to express their love and submission to God. Although, a brief look at their website shows so much more than that. They are a non-denominational Christian fellowship with one singular goal – spread the love of Jesus and God the Father.

The woman I was videotaping and snapping pictures of was beautiful in her dance and praise to her spiritual Father. I was entranced, watching her and nearly forgot to move the camera and shift it to get the best view. Also, it’s times like this that Jen and I make a perfect team. Sign language developed by us and very quietly we move through the crowd, getting pictures without getting in people’s way and getting everything down on our version of a record.

On another note, my son got a birthday card in the mail today. I let him go get the mail (without telling him what it was) and got some pictures of his face when he realized the mail was for him and from his dear Grandma Donna! The reason that is funny is because he actually fought me on going to get the mail. He didn’t want to! I wanted him to get it (I already peeked at the card before he got home) before I left for the weekend.

I just had a thought, looking at this picture, “My kid learned today that birthday cards contain money.” This is the first time I’ve let him open a birthday card by himself. Grandma Donna sent him 6 dollars because he is 6 years old. That’s so sweet!

Of course, he immediately reminded me that he was told (by me, blast it!) that he could get a fish in his room as soon as he had money and now he has money. I had to talk him out of going right now and ask him to let me take him when I get home from this job in Pocatello. He finally said ok, but I had to go just as soon as I got home.

Jen got a picture of the conversation of him demanding the right to a fish. Thanks, Grandma! (I’m teasing, it’s ok)

And that’s about all for my day. When I get permission, I’ll post a picture of the beautiful lady dancing to worship music tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Aglow

  1. That’s so sweet. My daughter is called Amy rose so every birthday I get her the right number of roses. πŸ™‚

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