Honey, I’m home!

We got home today just a little past 3 p.m. Rendy was moving slowly and so we took our time. While we were up in the mountain, Rendy decided to start acting weird. It was almost as if it didn’t have any gas to the engine – it was slow to get going, it was hard to accelerate (especially up a mountain) and we all feared the worst. When we finally got to town, my mechanic looked at it – it appears that, yet again, when they rebuilt the hubs, they didn’t put a cylinder (valve or some such) back together correctly. For the second time! Of course, it was not “my” mechanic that did the work or it would have been done right. So, tomorrow, Rendy goes in for an evenings’ worth of work to correct this problem and -hopefully- run good, again.

I am very tired of car problems. This is the girl that, until the 05 Dodge Ram she bought, never had a used car. The Rendy is only my second used car since I first got my license. The Dodge is still running great – and is in the care of ex #1 because he needs and uses it for work and the Rendezvous has given me nothing but problem after problem. Because Rendy is pert-near the only vehicle I have, I must keep it on the road long enough to finish paying off the loan (December, God-willing) and trade it in for what little I can get for it. I am getting tired of it all, though. I mean, really tired. I don’t deserve this.

Other than the problem with the Rendy, we had a “most excellent weekend.” Daddy (ex #1) brought up his 4-wheeler and his brother’s 4-wheeler, so we had plenty of room for everyone to take a ride and enjoy themselves. The boys had their bikes, as well, thanks to Daddy. It was a reasonably good weekend for them, they spent less time in trouble because they were too hyper on the closed quarters of the cabin.

There was so much to talk about, as I sat down to type out tonight’s post and now, it’s all gone into the ether. I can’t think of any one specific thing to talk about. I’ve 400 and some-odd pictures and not sure what I want to talk or show. I’m home, I’m tired and I’m in need of a serious bath or shower. Spending 4 days, 3 nights in a cabin with no running water does take its toll on a person – especially a girl. Right?

Let’s see. When I spoke to you last, I was talking about the quilt that the Nanny bought for herself off Ebay because it was so beautiful and she (and I) wanted it. It was really cheap and very beautiful and I helped her acquire it. However, now that she knows I made her a quilt, she’s not as anxious to put it on her bed. It graces my bed for the moment and I promised a picture of it.


There it is. A beautiful collection of browns, whites, greens and reds. The length is quite right, not as long as I’d make but beautiful for a queen sized quilt. A Mariner’s Compass.

It covers the mattress the way it is supposed to and drapes beautifully with the fans on the sides.

However, I put my bed together with this quilt on top and threw on my pillows to see how it looked and…

I don’t like it. It doesn’t suit the current color of my room. So, as soon as my 3-In-A-Row quilt is done, I’ll be putting this one on another bed or on a pile for “useable quilts as needed.”

Ahh, yes. I remember, now. I was going to show you the fridge – after we packed our food for the trip.

Empty. All the food we cooked and the food we packed and the fridge is empty. When we came home, we filled it back up with foods we didn’t eat and it’s all better, now.

Ten minutes after we arrived, we had the cabin set up the way we wanted. At least the kitchen part, that is. The bedrooms… well….

The baby decided he wanted on the top bunk. I warned him that he was not allowed to move at all or risk falling and breaking his neck. I am terrified of a baby falling from a bunk bed onto his head. In fact, I’m terrified of them breaking their neck on anything they play on. Most of the time, I do pretty good at curtailing my anxiety in this respect but I still have it.

When daddy arrived, the boys had finally *just* fallen asleep for a quick nap. I asked him to walk in saying, “Ho Ho Ho.” He didn’t want to, but he did it. When I knew he was coming in, I had been trying to wake the boys with talk of Santa coming down the stove pipe on the wood stove in the cabin.

Right when I said, “He’s here! Santa is here,” the boys sat up and daddy walked in saying his line. Caiden’s first words were, “That’s not Santa!” I replied, “Isn’t it just as good, though?” With a yes, they got out of bed and gave daddy hugs and kisses. When they were about done with that, I mentioned, “Go look at what Daddy brought with him!”

They ran outside and Caiden’s jaw hit his chest as he stared at the 4-wheeler’s on the trailer attached to Daddy’s truck.

He waited ever so patiently for Dad to get them off the trailer and take him for a ride.

Obviously, Brendan thought Dad was moving too slow.

From there, we took a short ride – on only one 4-wheeler because the other had no gas and Daddy didn’t bring a gas can. It was an oops moment but quickly quelled by taking both babies on a ride on the same 4-wheeler while mom and the Nanny heated up the chili we made at home before leaving.

Dad can be excused from smiling, since it’s the first real food he’s had since he left for work over three weeks back.

I guess that’s about all for now. We’ll play catchup another night, after I’ve cleaned up and had a good nights’ sleep, eh?

Thank you for listening,



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2 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home!

  1. Welcome back. You sound so tired. go rest!

    • We went to bed about 11. I didn’t get up with my alarm at 630 a.m. I fell out of bed at 6:55 – just early enough to convince the Nanny I was awake when she was.

      I started breakfast, she is finishing it. So far, so good.

      🙂 Naia.

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