Prepped and Ready… Mostly.

On Monday, I sat in Shari’s for many, many hours and worked on the paperwork for my former business. I was getting things in order and presentable after ignoring it and hiding my head from it all summer. It was hard work but it got to about 80% done when I called it quits for the night/morning (it was pretty close to 18 hours at it in one sitting!) and packed it up. Jen took pictures of me working away, sitting and drinking coffee and eating foods at Shari’s.

I wish now that she’d gotten a picture of the huge pile of bills, receipts and other paperwork that makes a business. I went through (with a little help, remember) probably close to 2 thousand pieces of paper. Sorting, writing up, listing and finding receipts and bank records. Yeah. I wish we’d gotten a picture of that huge stack.

Last night, I asked Jen to move something into my room. She did. While she was there, she decided to have a bit of fun with some stuffed animals waiting for me to do surgery on (mend minor rips and tears). She’s cute… not.

Jen and I decided to work tonight on food items for the weekend instead of making the boys wait hours for me to cook on a wood stove and they are starving. We made several items and, while they may not taste as good when they are not fresh, it is – at the very least – a good start to enjoying the weekend instead of working too much in the kitchen.

Of course, that begs the question: Isn’t it the job of the 1950s mother to stay in the kitchen all day, making and creating when not tending the house? I agree that I am cheating a little bit; however, I’ve also heard it told that a 1950s woman prepared for the future. She didn’t just do it on the fly. There was a plan of attack.

Well, we’ve got our plan of attack and we’re going with it.

Prepping egg salad sandwiches for at least one lunch.

Cooking my up and coming famous chili with a bowl of scrambled eggs waiting to go on the stove afterwards.

Pre-cooked bacon. Heat it up and serve it for a breakfast.

Chili is simmering for one hour on the back burner, the bacon is done and the pan is waiting to be cleaned and the eggs are about to be scrambled so we have a ready-made breakfast for at least one morning.

We baked some cornbread and are taking it up to eat with the chili. We can warm it in the oven part of the wood stove – as it only gets to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, anyway. The mess is our attempt to clean out the “camping Tupperware boxes” and get them repacked sensibly for this coming weekend. Also, doing this checks the status of our towels and wash rags before we leave.

Pre-cooked and pre-cut chicken for chicken noodle soup. All we’d have to do is heat it all up. We may not take the noodles, though. Just eat this as it is – the same as with tomato soup. Besides, we’ve no egg noodles and our grocery money is gone. Oh, and we’re missing celery but we did cook onions with the chicken and we’re leaving that in the soup. So, maybe it won’t be chicken noodle soup – but it’ll be our own creation with what we had on hand. Right?

Ok, so a quick run down. We have chicken for chicken noodle soup. Bacon and scrambled eggs (pre-cooked) also sausage crumbles pre-cooked to do with eggs. We have egg salad sandwiches and ham/cheese for other sandwiches. We’ve also got sliced cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches (we didn’t pre-make those, they’d get soggy). We have cornbread and chili. Salad and pork chops for one dinner (not pre-cooked).

What else? Tomato soup in a can to warm up and serve. 2 packages of chicken uncooked and 2 packages of Italian Sausage links. We’ve got biscuits and gravy mix with pre-made rolls to eat with it and hot dogs for one of our dinners or lunches. Oh, yes. Pre-mixed crepe batter! If the fire is hot enough, I can make those while we’re up there. Will just have to remember to take honey and/or peanut butter to put on them.

I think we’ve covered everything. I hope. Tomorrow, I’ll grab a picture of the fridge empty after we’ve packed. It’ll look like it did the last time we left.

I’m tired, the boys have been asleep since 9 p.m. It’s time for me to hit the hay and try to finish finally catching up on sleep from Monday day and night.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “Prepped and Ready… Mostly.

  1. Exciting πŸ™‚ I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. You have been awarded the Beautiful Blogger award for being so inspiring.
    Hope you have a lovely day πŸ™‚

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