Where’s Naia?

Someone asked me, “Where’s Naia? You haven’t said anything in 2 full days!” Well, I’m here and all is well. I mentioned I had an attorney appointment to prepare for – it was at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. I went to Shari’s at roughly 9 a.m. on Monday morning, left for a couple minutes around lunchtime and then returned – and stayed until 3 a.m. on Tuesday. I got a good 80% of the paperwork sorted and filed correctly, making notes and adding up numbers the entire time. My friend Kim watched Brendan for a couple hours so Jen could help and then the Nanny brought them to have dinner with me Monday night. When she went home to get them ready for bed (roughly 7 p.m.), my friend Meg showed up and stayed with me until nearly midnight, sorting and filing and typing/writing up numbers and dates.

The accountant (that I never got to pay, so I’m sure that’s part of the problem) quit on me in early June and things were a shambles; especially since we shut down the business so fast. Now, here’s a part you don’t know, dearest readers.

My business could have survived after the untimely loss of my “day job.” I could have paid 2 employees to help roughly 20 hours a week and tried to stay afloat a little longer. Being forced to leave and find shelter for my two small boys (the Nanny and I) on short notice meant I had to close the doors of my business and pull the money I was using for rent and put it towards a place for my small family. The business folded, in that instant, and everything else fell apart from that.

The records were in a shambles and my accountant quit – that meant a very long day for me on Monday. I had to get the numbers together to show what, where, how and who. I did it. I have a little bit left but I doubt the final tally won’t change by much and a response has been sent off to ex #2’s attorney. In fact, it was sent out a couple hours ago.

I need to get the rest of the paperwork finished so I can hand it over, if ordered to. I’m hoping I won’t. I just want it done and over with, walk away and rebuild.

We’ll see how it goes from here.

Other than that, I caught up on some sleep and then saw my boys for a few minutes on Tuesday. Today, they got out of school early and I hung out with them a bit, trying to put all worries behind me and given them a good day. I believe it was nearly 36 hours since I’d really seen them. So, we played a bit and then I put them to bed. Today was ok except I was still tired, so I ended up taking a long nap again. Now, the boys are at Royal Rangers and I’m sitting down to a piece of pie with the Nanny and ex #1.

Oh, yeah. He came home a week early. There was no work for him. That doesn’t bode well – it means he isn’t getting paid for a week. Ugh. Just when, maybe, things are looking up, another knock down. Life goes on and mother’s make do with what they’ve got. I do the best I can and that’s all anyone can ask. Right?

On brighter topics, I’ve a picture to post when I get home (or maybe tomorrow). The quilt that the Nanny saw on Ebay and purchased because it was so beautiful arrived today. It’s a much higher skill level than my own  – but it provides some excellent inspiration. It is currently on my bed. When Jen bought it, she was unaware of my making the Turning-Twenty-Four quilt for her, so when it arrived, it went on my bed. When I get my “3-In-A-Row” quilt done, the new one (a Mariner’s Star) will be pulled off and Jen can do what she wants with it.

I also need to take pictures and show you the new design for the “fireplace” room. I think it quite cozy; however, we can’t decide where we’re going to put our Christmas tree. Any inspiration would be welcome – after I get the pictures posted.

The boys have a 4 day weekend and daddy decided that we are going back to the cabin we were in last weekend. It’ll be fun, if a little tiring for me. I so look forward to it!

Thank you for listening,


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