Homeward Bound

To start, I updated the two previous posts to include a couple pictures. Check them out here and here.

We came home today. It was time to do so. Boys have school Monday, Tuesday and half day on Wednesday and Jen has to work. Right now, I’m really wondering why I sent her to work! Seriously, if I hadn’t, we could leave on Wednesday when the boys get out of school and be back up there at the cabin! Ex #1 is anxious to see the cabin and has scheduled the family back up there this coming weekend, when the boys are off school from Wed at 1 p.m. until Monday morning.

I just found out that ex #1 is coming on this Wednesday instead of next. I might plan a surprise for the babies. Get us all up there on Thursday and not tell them daddy is coming. When he shows up, they jump all over and yell and shout. That’d be cute! It’s not that hard to find us, if you know the right turns to take, so I think I will plan it that way. More fun than him just following us up on Thursday.

I have an attorney appointment on Tuesday – and have to prep for it all day tomorrow. If I was awake, I’d head to Shari’s and sit there all night working and then take tomorrow to rest up. Maybe I still will. For now, though, I think I’ll just show ya the rest of my pictures with story to match. Thank you for tuning in to our wonderful adventure in the backwoods wilderness.

Looking through the pictures, I noticed this one. The name of our “camping spatula” is “Bonny.” While we were doing our tent camping this summer, we forgot to bring a spatula one of the times. Bonny cost us an arm and a leg but she saved our butts for cooking and eating. She now has an affectionate place in our home and we know we’re going to have a grand time with Bonny around.

Lunch on Saturday was tomato soup and ham sandwiches (the Nanny has to be different and eat turkey). I’m still getting the hang of heating up this oven so I can cook. It does take a bit to accomplish things. In time, that is. What would take me less than 30 minutes to cook at home takes an hour or more in the wilderness with the wood stove. I think I can see now why women were always in the kitchen and rarely had time to leave and do other things. You can’t leave the fire unattended for a second or the fire gets cold and you have to start over again. Or, in my case, you forget the second batch of cookies in the oven and, 30 minutes later, they are little cinnamon wafers.

On Saturday night, I sat near the fire and read the boys a story. It quickly became apparent they were falling out of their chair with weariness, so I put them in their beds to read to them for a bit. Brendan was out like a light when I did that. Caiden stayed up until I was done reading two chapters. We are reading a story about Wild Bill Cody, written in the 1950s. Caiden seems to be enjoying it, so far. Looking at that picture, I notice, I really need my rocking chair. It would fit our small cabin so beautifully. Maybe I can sneak it up there this coming week!

Also on Saturday, we took a walk around the cabin and there was a lot of this; on the ground, on the trees, just about everywhere. I’d love to know what this is. I’m assuming some sort of bear markings but, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what.

That little green thing in the middle is a baby tree we found growing behind our cabin. One small tree doesn’t mean much when you’re in the middle of a national forest; however, it was cute, little and the boys loved it. We tried really hard to not step on it and kill it before it got to grow big and tall. He was such a little thing!

Quite a few of these holes everywhere. Watching where you walk is a good thing – they go down pretty deep. I’m not sure which animal uses them. We saw no animals this weekend. The Nanny is glad for that because it meant no bears; the boys and I were sad because I couldn’t take a thousand pictures.

Caiden begged and begged to be allowed to climb the watch tower. I kept telling him no and finally relented, allowing the Nanny to take him up part way. He loved it! I didn’t. My baby that high off the ground and I don’t have a hold of him!? Not cool, man. Not cool. I was shaking with fear the entire time.

Jen took a picture of my baby.

This is what my baby saw looking down from where the Nanny took him. Again, not cool. But, he had a great time and he stood next to Brendan and I while the Nanny tried to go up all the way.

Jen took a picture from the top looking down. If you look close, you can see Brendan in his orange shirt, looking up at Jen.

Trying to cook pork strips for dinner, Saturday night. I eventually cut them into cubes and cooked them that way and we ate them mixed into our salads. Yes, salad while camping in the wilderness. I did tell the boys they got a treat, though. There were no tomatoes in the salad. The cheered.

Sunday morning, we had eggs and bacon for breakfast. Scrambled eggs in a cast iron pan doesn’t come out too well. The eggs taste great but they tend to stick to the pan. Yes, my pan is well seasoned. The only thing that (still) sticks to it is scrambled eggs. Oh, well. Hot water over the wood stove and it cleans up after a bit of time.

Caiden was unbearable this morning. I finally had to send him and the Nanny outside for some fresh air before I really came unglued on him. He got plenty of sleep and wanted to get out and run, run, run but, since I was up every hour keeping the cabin warm by adding fuel to the dying fire, I was not in the mood to deal with it.

Before heading outside, though, we had to put on jeans over our night-nights. It wasn’t overly cold so much as there was a rolling fog across the top of the mountain we were sleeping on and had was leaving rain dew everywhere.

A huge camp fire to cook marshmallows on. I left them outside with the Nanny to play with this while first, I tried to take a nap and, failing that, got up and started packing. I was supremely tired after all night of trying to keep the fire going. Which, by the way, wouldn’t keep going. Every time I climbed back in my bunk bed, it started to die. I was just about to give up on it when Jen rolled over and whispered, “Naia. ….. Naia.”


“It’s cold.”

Really, Jen?

So, I got back up and rebuilt it for the third time, fourth time. I lost count. This was at about 5 o’clock and it stayed pretty warm until 6:30 – when it was time to start breakfast. The good part about it was the water was nice and hot for coffee first thing in the morning.

I gave them a half bag of marshmallows and told Jen, “Just make sure no one gets hurt. Let them just destroy the marshmallows for once. Don’t worry about how much they actually eat.” She said ok and the boys had a great time cooking every single marshmallow. They were practicing, in my opinion, and – I’ve said it before – sometimes moms just have to say, “Yes.”

Jen took this picture. I’m assuming she’s thinking of the post I wrote before, “Man Down!” It’s cute.

The outhouse. I’m quite sure the methane in this is rampant. If I’m remembering my words correctly, methane is caused by too much human waste in one spot. Well, this would qualify – if smell is the indicator. For some stupid reason, though, the boys loved to use the outhouse. I’m like, “HUH?!”

Gorgeous – even if covered in marshmallow and banana goo.

The Watch Tower covered with this mornings’ fog.

Our small cabin in the middle of nowhere with the mornings’ fog and smoke from our fire. Such a cute little place. I believe I mentioned the inside of the cabin wasn’t much (if at all) bigger than my own living room?

As I posted this picture, I got the song, “Take the Long Way Home” stuck in my head. This is after we’ve gotten down from the mountain and were going towards the main road. About 3 miles that takes about 20 minutes to travel.

Did I show you all the wood we had to our disposal? Except, Jen had to chop it. She actually said she enjoyed it.

Much more to say but this post is too long. Have a great night! I’ll sleep great in my own bed without having to worry about putting wood on the dying fire!

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3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. I have no clue with fires but there must be a way to keep it lite overnight. Worth a google. That or take a plug in heater, it’s such a small cabin would be easy to heat.
    Hubby coming up is sweet, could be a romantic reconcilliation. ( ducks lol)
    Looks like you had a fab time 🙂

    • 🙂

      No electricty and no running water.

      And, he is not husband, We’re divorced. He is just coming to see the babies.


  2. Oh yes of course, my mistake… 🙂
    No electricity!! OMG !

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