Day 2 of Living it Rough

Last night, after typing up my post, I climbed in bed. My goal was to get up roughly every hour to two hours and add wood to the small wood stove and keep us warm all night. The first time I got up was 11 p.m. and the fire had gone out completely. So, I shifted it to every hour. I got up at midnight and again at 1 a.m.

By that point, I was roasting, sweat pouring off me in buckets. So, the next time I set my timer, it was close to 3:30 a.m. I got up again at around 5 a.m. and then at 6:30 a.m. for the day. The fire didn’t go out again but it did cool off considerably during that time. We were alive and healthy in the morning. And yes, I did crack a window to make sure the fire didn’t burn up all the oxygen in the air while it ran all night.

While waiting for sleep to take over last night, Caiden was chattering and Jen and I were talking. At one point, the conversation turned to my internal heater and how Brendan inherited it. He and I have our own little thermostat and, when we get chilled, our bodies flip a switch and we cook – and heat up those around us. Jen was wishing she could sleep with Brendan, as he has the same heater I do and keeps everyone warm. He doesn’t hardly need more than his sleeping bag at night – the same as all I had was one blanket. The blanket is one my mother made and it is extremely warm but, even then, I was kept warm mostly by my own heater.

Caiden piped up and we had to explain to him that he inherited my looks, my family name stature and smile, eyes and mouth. Brendan had to inherit something from me – and he got my heater. Everything else about Brendan is from his daddy’s side. Caiden was distraught that he got his daddy’s “freezer” and not his mommy’s “heater.” We consoled him and fell asleep. I think he was actually the last one asleep last night.

Tonight, he started talking about it all over again – how he doesn’t like that he inherited his daddy’s “freezer.” Too bad, kid. Your brother had to get something of mine!

Today was eventful. We got up, took nearly 2 hours to cook breakfast and then went to “town” for a few miscellaneous items. It took 2 hours to cook french toast (with sausage in the oven part) because I’m not used to cooking on a wood stove and getting it hot enough to cook the french toast was the devil itself. I can cook over a wood fire, I can cook on an electric stove; however, the wood stove eludes me. I can’t quite get it hot enough to cook it properly. I’m practicing and having a great time while doing it!

Jen cut up some more wood and had a great time showing off her skills. If I was younger, without back problems, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have an issue with it either! She did great, though.

We ran to town for a couple things we needed and to refill our 6 gallon water jug. While there, I saw a package of premixed cinnamon cookies. I bought it for less than $3 because I wanted to try it. They came out alright but that brings to mind some other cooking implements I need to bring, the next time we come up.

Oh and we are planning a next time! And soon! At $30 a night to stay, it’s cheaper than just about anything else we can find to do with the boys over the weekends. Besides, it will soon be too cold to do much of anything and we’re trying to have fun in great outdoors before we get to that point.

We saw a huge moose this evening but, other than that, no animals to speak of. That doesn’t stop us from freaking each other out about what *could* happen, though! The Nanny and I are both avid watches of the “scary” movies. The thrillers and the fun heart-stopping flicks. We’re paying for it as our imagination runs wild here in the high mountains with no a soul around for miles – or, at least we hope not a soul around for miles!

Quite a few pictures but that will have to wait until we get home. The signal is just good enough for my laptop to get online but I can’t do much with it. I’ll just have to leave you with this thought: Aside from being a little tired from getting up all night long and tending the fire, I’m having a great time living with nothing. Food takes longer to cook but tastes just as good. The air is clear and the sky is beautiful. Especially at night. The stars are brilliant and awe-inspiring. All the cares and worries of down in the valley can’t touch me and mine up here.

I want to come back. Next weekend, the boys have a 4 day weekend off school. Now, money on the other hand? Not sure. We’ll have to figure that part out. However, if we can make it happen (and make sure everything else is tended as well), then we’ll be popping back up here. Before the snow gets too deep to do much of anything and yes, I am hoping we get a lot of snow this year!

That’s another thought we’ve been playing with. What happens if it snows tonight and we can’t get down the mountain? We’ve got water, food and a lot of wood. We could survive until it melts enough to let us off the mountain. We’ve cell signal and a vehicle with gas to charge it (and my laptop!). I think we’d survive. At least for a little bit.

Jen mentioned melting snow for water. See? We can survive until our food runs out. And then, I’ve quite a bit of batter for pancakes, so we’d have that – at the very least.

Have a great night, y’all. Time for me to start snatching an hour at a time at sleep, myself. Today, Jen let me catch an hour/hour-n-half nap, so I’m not as tired as I thought I’d be.

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5 thoughts on “Day 2 of Living it Rough

  1. Me Dan and Amy did a 3 month road trip ofvthe states living with only what our jeep could carry and after all the camping gear clothes and basics there was very little space for niceties. I remember the feeling of lightness, of not needing * stuff*. It sounds like it’s an almost magical place full of stars where time slows for you all. You will be sure to return next year even if you don’t make it back this 🙂

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  3. Where did you find the photo of the old wood stove? My mother had a Browning cook stove I remember well from the 50’s. This photo is the closest to my memory of what her stove looked like. I am writing about life growing up in a coal camp town and all our meals were cooked on a wood stove until the late 50’s/early 60’s when mom got her first electric stove.

  4. Wasn’t postage 4 cents then? Good thing you have computer technology to reply to posts. 🙂
    Don’t forget that big galvanized steel tank on the back of the stove used to heat water for the family wash and baths……

    • Hi! Welcome to my blog!

      The wood stove is what I cook on when my family and I had to Bishop Mountain. That’s the only heat source and cooking source. No electricity, water. Nada. 🙂

      I love it! Thank you for stopping by!


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