Truly Living the Old Way

So, today we set off to stay in the Forest Service Ranger Cabin in the high mountains outside Ashton. This was the second part of Jen’s birthday present. A desire she had (and I, of course) and we decided to do it.

To start, we had to pack food, water, blankets to keep warm and some toys for the boys.

As you can see, what food we did have is now packed for our weekend in the wilderness. Yes. That really is the state of my fridge. I have about 6 eggs in the egg carton on the bottom shelf. Don’t fret, though. We are financially stable at the moment. I’ll be able to get food on Monday, when we get home. At the cabin we’re going to, pretty much all we’ll have is a wood stove to cook on and heat with and 4 twin sized beds – bunk bed style.

Those are the beds; however, I jump ahead of myself. The drive up here was uneventful. I’m quite pleased with how Rendy behaved. He did start to overheat just a little bit but it never got to the danger zone.

Great, now I’ve got the song, “Danger Zone” stuck in my head. Remember the one from the 80s that was in Top Gun? Yeah. I’m singing it as I type.

We had a choice (once we were deep in the woods and roads weren’t really marked) between turning left or turning right. My GPS showed the road, showed the direction I was to go but didn’t specify left or right at this small fork. They ran slightly parallel, so I’m quite sure the GPS couldn’t decipher which one to follow.

I chose left and immediately the GPS said, “Rerouting, please wait.” Bummer. Oh, well, since we’re already on this road, we’ll follow it.

Yeah. An hour later, we’re back to another choice – turn left to follow the road we should have taken (the right hand turn) or turn left to start this big long loop around the mountains again. I was smart this time (and the GPS had a bigger choice to make and gave me help) and I turned left. Another 30 minute trek UP the mountain and we finally reach our destination – the end of the road, no where else to go.

Oh, it was beautiful. I will post pictures as soon as I can get a solid signal to do so! We’ve taken many and, while I do have internet signal, I don’t have it strong enough to support uploading pictures to WordPress. Hence the spaces I put in to insert pictures as soon as I can.

The interior of the cabin was a delight. 2 sets of bunk beds, a total of 4 beds. There was a bottom sheet of sorts but nothing else. That’s why they told us to bring plenty of bedding, of course.

For cooking, we have an ancient wood stove. A small cubby hole for the fire and the rest is the oven. I fought for a few minutes on starting a fire but quickly warmed up the cabin. Now, I think I’ll have to get up at odd hours through the night to keep the cabin warm by adding more wood – and it might be easier to cook breakfast (and portable coffee) in the morning, if the fire is already going.

There’s an old government issue metal table and some rough cabinets/countertop, smaller in nature.

The cabin is roughly the size of my living room at home. I daresay it isn’t much bigger, if it is at all. There’s quite a it of wood outside for keeping warm and cooking but it all needs to be split. I split one log just to say I could and then the Nanny took over so I wouldn’t hurt my back.

The boys thought the splitting wood was awesome and I thought it quite unique to have to do it myself. Typically, when we went camping, we used tents and an open fire for cooking but we didn’t have to split our own wood. It was pre-cut when we purchased it.

I got the fire going in the cabin and we had hot chocolate, coffee and the Nanny built a fire outside to cook hotdogs over. A simple dinner with a few pieces of cucumber thrown into the mix and that was that. As I write this, the boys are fighting going to sleep, even though I know they are dead tired – they had no nap and it’s been an exciting and adventurous day.

I think it will be quite interesting and great fun to try and fend for my family with just a wood stove and a lot of firewood for three days, two nights. I’ll keep you updated but you’ll have to check these posts again after I get home to see the pictures. Besides, what better way to actually be Living the 1950s then to have a one-room cabin with nothing but the barest of needs met and take care of all without modern conveniences?

We’ll ignore the fact that my cell phone and my laptop work and pretend it doesn’t. They don’t help me survive, anyway!

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4 thoughts on “Truly Living the Old Way

  1. You will have a blast, kids love camping. Brilliant idea Jen 🙂 .. Highway to the danger zone… Hums rest out of tune.. Yeah thanks for that.. 🙂

  2. Sounds great, I look forward to seeing the photos. Enjoy your time there!

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  4. Really welcoming and clean. Very nice. Bunks not great for romance though, mattress’s on floor I guess.

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