Size Doesn’t Matter

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the title, I’m talking about quilts. Here are a few of my ideas about sizing in regards to quilts. For a bed, size does matter. You want it to completely cover the bed and most of us enjoy when the quilt is bigger than the bed. Blood Red and 3-A-Row were made much wider than the bed. In this way, I can bundle up nice and snug in the quilt and not completely unmake the bed. When two are in the bed, it gives plenty of cover for both participants and, most times, not fight over the covers. Last night, after putting the new quilt on Jen’s bed, I started thinking about sizing. Hers covers the bed and hangs down just a bit. Not as much as the other two, though. I wonder if I could sleep under it happily. Her pattern is called the “Turning Twenty” and, even with two 5″ borders, doesn’t hang nearly as long as the Blood Red or 3-A-Row. However, Jen’s Turning Twenty was made exactly according to directions. I’ll be playing with this incredibly fast-paced quilt to see about making it wider. The reason I write this is because of the sizing of the various lap or throw quilts I make – and I make a lot of them. I make them the size I want to be, in accordance with patterns found or my own ideas. I don’t subscribe to forcing my lap quilts to fits the preconceived notions of size. A lap quilt should be comfortable when snuggled on the couch with it or in a camp chair in front of a fire. I don’t measure those hardly at all and when the pattern is “done,” I get it quilted and throw it out on the furniture for all to enjoy (or give it away). What are your ideas on sizing? All joking aside about other types of sizing, of course. Thank you for listening, Naia.

My apologies on the spacing issues. I typed this out on my phone. I will fix it later. šŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Size Doesn’t Matter

  1. Sizing is something I have yet to work out for my queen-size quilt – we want it to cover the bed and overhang enough so it will cover two people comfortably. Otherwise I guess it will just be used as a decorative cover and taken off the bed for sleeping. I’m not sure about sizes for lap quilts having not made any yet. I offered to do one for my husband but he declined – thinks it will make him look old! šŸ˜‰

    • If I were home, I’d gladly give ya the sizes I used on the Blood Red or the 3-In-A-Row. When I get home, I’ll get them and give ya pointers. I loved the 3-In-A-Row because it came out exactly the way I needed it, size-wise. I don’t follow the traditional numbers for sizing.

      Thank you,


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