Turning Twenty-Four Nearly Complete

Today, I found the time to put the second border on the “Turning Twenty-Four” quilt I am making for Jen. The Nanny still has no idea – at least, I don’t think so. I’ve been very careful and have misled her a few times. At one point, when I threw her out of the house with the boys so I could work on it, I told her I was expecting her birthday package and didn’t want her around when it was delivered. Yes, a lie. I think it is a good kind of lie, though.

The wrapping I chose to hold the quilt when I’m working on it is getting rather full, by now.

And, I’ve run out of places to hide it. It’ll no longer fit in my purse, so I was going to hide it in my dresser. Since she does the laundry, that’s a bad idea! She puts my clothes away, most times and she’s sure to get curious why this is all wrapped up and in my dresser. I finally settled on hiding it under my bathroom cabinet. She used to get into there when she was looking for my pills but I’ve long since moved them elsewhere, so there’s no reason for her to be in there. I hope.

Last night, I was smart and cleaned up the sewing table. I wanted to make it easier to put back exactly how it was before I started working on the quilt. I’m still very careful that nothing be out of place and look like I’m working on something while she’s gone for the morning and asks a bunch of questions. I can’t even try to tell her that I was working on nothing or that it wasn’t her business. That would tip her off, quite easily.

It’s getting too big for my sewing table and the weight is dragging it to the floor while I am sewing. How I wish she was around when I was working on something so big – she’s good at giving a helping hand when it is like this. O’well.

Second border added. Still not as long as blood red but if I add any more borders, it’ll look awkward. She’ll have to deal with it this big.

So, now the borders are done. I have to piece the backing together. That’s going to be rough – it’s heavy and it’ll slide very easily as I try to sew two piece of it together to great one big enough to fit the entire back.

I have to say, I’m loving what this is turning out to be. I know she’ll love it. Mainly because I made it for her but secondly, because it’s a beautiful mix of purples and greens.

I did have a wild thought, though. I might add the last of the “Turning Twenty-Four” pieces to the outside edge on just the sides. That will give it another 3″ for a border and just might make it work. I haven’t decided.

Nearly done and it has to be turned in on Thursday morning. I have to decide if I am going to leave it as is or add that last bit before Thursday morning.

Thank you for listening,


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2 thoughts on “Turning Twenty-Four Nearly Complete

  1. Look at your lovely big worksurface/ breakfast bar in the kitchen! nice. oh sorry did I get distracted 🙂

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