Sent to the Quilter

I took Jen’s Turning Twenty Four quilt to the quilter, yesterday. He wasn’t there. He said he’d be back from vacation but he wasn’t. I left a note for him to call me when he gets back in town. I’m hoping I still have time to get it done for her birthday. At this point, I’m frantic!

Before I took it down there, I tried to embroider on the quilt top. My machine and I occasionally come to blows over the embroidery function. I’m quite sure it is a fault of mine, not the machine’s. I tried everything I could to resolve the issue but stopped when I realized I just might destroy my beautiful quilt top.

The problem? The top kept sliding, causing the embroidery to look like it was on a slippery slope. I tried three times and called it quits.

In this picture, I was measuring the backing to the size of the quilt top. It looks like it’s the perfect size to cover the top. See the owie finger? Yes. I was still sewing this while my finger started healing.

All set up and ready to go!

You can’t see it but I’ve folded my hands in fervent prayer that all goes well.

No dice. To quote a favorite movie, “Negative, Ghost Rider. The pattern is full.” The fabric is slipping and sliding. I’ve tightened it so tight, I broke my screw driver. I’ve pulled it tighter than I can imagine. Still, it’s slipping. See the pucker as it slips? I’m not entirely sure. I tried doubling up on the stabilizer underneath. Not a chance. Still fell to pieces.

Look close. You’ll see where the writing was slanting downwards because of the slipping. I finally gave up and took it off the embroidery machine. I’ve a friend who is going to try and write the same words on a piece of fabric with permanent marker and I’ll attach it to the quilt when it comes back from the quilter. At least, that’s the hope.

While I was doing this, I forgot to look at the clock. I frantically sent Jen a text and said, “Don’t come home without permission!” She said, “Ok.” I struggled to get everything cleaned up before 10:30 but it was a short while after that when I sent the text saying she could come home.

Later that evening, she asked me, “Why did you say I couldn’t come home?” I answered, without missing a beat, “I was painting your birthday present and didn’t want you to see it!” She said, “Oh. Ok.” And that was it!

My friend came over and I showed her the fiasco. She said her daughter could write it by pen on fabric and I jumped all over that. Told her thank you and please beg the daughter for me. I’m hoping she can get it done and back to me in time for Jen’s birthday – which is one week and a day away.

Now, I’m losing all my fingernails waiting to see if the Quilter can get it all done by her birthday. I really hope he does. I’ll cry, after all that hard work for the past month, if he doesn’t.

The hardest part was finding time to work on it when Jen wasn’t around. She’s always around. I’m quite sure she’s been thinking to herself, these past few weeks, “Naia does nothing when I’m not around. No dishes get done, no beds made. Why is she just laying around doing nothing when I’m not home? That’s not fair!” Little does she know, I’ve been busting my butt trying to get everything on her blanket done for her birthday for a month – with only about 2.5 hours a day to work on it. And, you have to subtract a half hour from that for me to get set up and another half hour for me to clean up and make the sewing room (and my bedroom) look exactly like it was before I started. So, I got an hour to an hour and a half every day to get it done – for the past 4 weeks!

So, Jen – I did do stuff while you were at work every day! Now, you have to find it. I’ve hidden it in the house. It’s not going to be all that easy, you know. Just read a few posts and it’s yours. Ha!

Thank you for listening,


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